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White Sox Talk Podcast: What Does Mother Nature Have Against Michael Kopech?

Michael Kopech has not logged many innings in his home stadium. But he's a big part of the changing sentiment around this White Sox team.

The club has won seven of the 11 games it has played with Kopech in the Major League Roster, and while he is only in three of them, his arrival seems to have been accompanied by a spark to end the month of August.

It is important to see how this reconstruction progresses. Kopech is still an early arrival when it comes to the wave of promising prospects on the way to the South Side. But his arrival, and that of some young players in front of him, should do just that: make this team better.

"We have been a winning team since I came here," said Kopech, "and hopefully it will stay that way for a long time."

Kopech again impressed the Boston Red Sox on Friday, despite his second outing at the guaranteed rate field it has been shortened by a rain delay like its first.

I'm going to say a little prayer to Mother Nature and see if we can figure something out, "Kopech joked.

He admitted that there was a pang as he faced the organization that put him in the White Sox Bartered in the Chris Sale deal, and perhaps stated that the first pitch of the game beat Mookie Betts ̵

1; and the next four missing for a walk to put the first two batter of the game on the base.But Kopech impressed by being working out of this jam, which was made with the help of a base mistake made by Betts, he also put on two clubs in the second inning and also got out of this situation.

There was not much to do in Kopech's 11 innings But he shows pieces of the tremendous talent that has rated him as one of the game's best prospects.

"Nerves hit me a bit more than I thought," said Kopech, "Obviously, my first In six places, I was a bit unpredictable. The first field moved away from me, I got Mookie in the arm. But after I settled in, it felt like a normal start and I felt very comfortable. … It's a great situation if you can get position chance from a runner in position. So that somehow my way goes and I come out again and deny the next few innings, that means a lot for me and the team. "

" It's impressive, "said manager Rick Renteria," He can use his things. I think it hopefully would have more to do, I have to watch the video, but he commands, he does it, hopefully he hits his seats. He has a lot of life in his fastball, so he can do a lot. "

At the same time, the team around him seems to be catching on at the end of a long season, as executive director Rick Hahn has described as the hardest part of rebuilding.

It's hard to say that the rise in the victories was because Kopech was close to the majors and finally got a locker at the South Side clubhouse, but the excitement that brought Kopech's promotion into the fan base also went into the squad. Since Kopech arrived, Lucas Giolito and Reynaldo Lopez have opposed two of them Carlos Rodon has been maintaining his Ass-like stance for months.

And since Kopech's arrival, the offensive has scored less than four runs in only two of the 11 games, including Friday Yoan Moncada – also a hyped part of the sale trade like Kopech – blew up a two-run homer as part of a six-run output.

The three recent gains during this improved n route? They competed against the Red Sox and the New York Yankees, two teams that hunted instant championships that would surpass that White Sox group so far below .500.

"Every time you compete against some of the better clubs in the league, you want to show them what you are capable of and how you will endure them," Renteria said. "Not that you open anyone you take it lightly and you should never do it, but I think it was fun watching them play last month. They did a pretty good job. "

Kopech is just one player and one player playing every fifth day, but his mere presence is a big deal in this process, and it seems to have helped bring brighter skies to the south side.

Das are, of course, metaphorical skies and he is still working on the weather cooperating.

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