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Who is Ariana Grande's rumor that he loves Mikey Foster and what is his fortune?

Ariana Grande is reportedly back in the dating game, folks.

After she broke up with ex-fiancé Pete Davidson, singer "Thank U, Next" apparently took a break from her relationships. But now, almost a year later, she's ready to move on – and she could do it with Mikey Foster.

So, who is this Mikey Foster and what is his fortune? Let's just say he's a pretty talented person and they go way back.

  Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande | Photo by Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

Foster is part of an impressive group

Foster is half of the pop group Social House. He is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Charles "Scootie" Anderson joined forces after moving to Los Angeles. They moved to a location in Sherman Oaks where they named their group for the house's Wi-Fi password.

According to Billboard, they began to write and produce music for various artists, including Jennifer Lopez and Lil Yachty. They already knew Grande in 2015 when they were working on their Christmas & Chill EP. However, this is not the only time they have joined forces. Social House also produced the hits "Thank U, Next" and "7 Rings" by Grande.

So Foster obviously works hard. Although his fortune is unclear, it almost seems certain that he has some coins on the bank.

Foster has a role in Grande's new video

So, these two of them collaborated on Grande's new song "Boyfriend", which ended August 1st. The video for the song is so hot and steaming that the fans immediately decided that there really is something going on between Grande and Foster.

An August 3 report by The Blast only supports these claims. An insider told the store that their relationship has developed from professional to romantic in recent months. "We were told that the two stars were serious about working together and quietly intensifying their relationship," the report said. "But they are a long way from being a friend … and seem to be uncomfortable."

So they may not be official yet. But the rumored relationship would not be surprising, considering that Foster Grande thanked her heartily on her birthday in June.

"You are one of the most incredible people the universe has to offer. I hope this year offers you only the joy that you deserve. Love you. Happy Birthday 💙 ", he wrote in the headline of a baby photo of the singer. In response, Grande commented with a series of emojis, "Love you soooooo very much".

Grande's explanation of "Boyfriend" seems to be telling

The "Moonlight" crooner shared her opinion on the song via Twitter, which could be a clue to the current state of her love life.

"I think this song captures a common theme in the lives of so many people I know!" She tweeted. "People want to feel love, but they do not want to define their relationship and have trouble fully engaging, trusting, or allowing themselves to fully love someone." Even if they want it. "

Fans may remember how Grande switched from Mac Miller to Pete Davidson in the spring of 2018 and began to turn to arrange with him. What followed were some badly-advised couples tattoos and a whirlwind engagement. But she and Davidson split later this year after Miller died of an overdose. Sources told TMZ that Grande realized "that she could not fully invest in her relationship with Pete, and that she had become engaged too fast.

Grande called the engagement later in an interview with Vogue an "amazing distraction". "It was reckless and funny and crazy and very unrealistic, and I loved it and did not know it," she told the magazine.

So, she's ready to "feel love," but still have trouble "getting fully committed or trusting, allowing [herself] to love someone fully," even if she wants it, or just reading too much

In any case, we hope that when she's ready (if she's not already), she'll find someone great, who knows – maybe she already has.

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