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Who is Sophie Turner without Sansa Stark? We will find out

After years of tragedy, upheaval and catastrophe, Winterfell is now in the hands of the new Queen to the north, Sansa Stark, well on her way to recovery.

But on a bright spring afternoon the actress plays her a new kingdom over looks. From a high-rise hotel on the southern tip of Manhattan, Sophie Turner looked out over the glittering harbor and beyond to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, contemporary landmarks that retain their stare, especially during the early blushes of your honeymoon with the city.

Turner moved here from London last year to realize a lifelong dream in New York ̵

1; sure that life is only 23 years old, but a dream is a dream – when she moved in with the pop star Joe Jonas.

At this time in March, Jonas was just her fiancé. "Game of Thrones" did not have a debut in the final season yet, and "Dark Phoenix," the new "X-Men" movie she directs this summer, takes a back seat as more established stars like James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence, was far enough away to barely feel real.

"I still feel a bit in the bubble," she said.

But things move fast when you're 23, and even faster when you step out of one of the worlds largest pop culture franchises into another. In the coming weeks she would marry Jonas in Vegas, march in the Technicolor Peacock Parade at the Met Gala, make goat yoga for Vogue, frolic with a unicorn for Harper's Bazaar, and the infamous Coffee Cup "Game of Thrones." "The Tonight Show" as he drives Daenerys Targaryen as Sansa in the HBO series to the Brandwahn.

[ Read the synopsis of the finale of the "Game of Thrones" series.]

On June 7, comes "Dark Phoenix," in which both her as Even her titular character, born Jean Gray, left cozy cocoons to see if they could possibly do more than they realize. For Turner, this means leaving "Thrones," her home for most of the past decade, to find out if her personal cache of superpowers has the potential to lead a Marvel movie.

The view is scary. When Simon Kinberg, the author and director of "Dark Phoenix," explained for the first time to what extent the entire film depended on her performance, she said, "I only have [expletive] my pants right there and then."

But the special thing about growing up in a hugely magical and violent phenomenon like "Game of Thrones" is that you're more or less prepared for anything that's about showbiz. Goats and unicorns are nothing compared to dragons and zombie armies. Superhero productions feel right at home.

"Game of Thrones" was the defining pop culture franchise of the decade. (Avengers, schmavengers.) But for a girl who grew up in a tiny English village (Chesterton, about 65 miles northwest of London) and then joined thirteen at the show, Cloistered Production was also a haven from a world that getting bigger has become complicated with the fame and fame that comes from a successful TV show.

The cast, taken together, was an emotional wreck as production neared its end – "It was just a big sham test; The make-up artists hated us. "Immediately thereafter, Turner felt a wave of existential terror. "I started to think about who I am without it," she said. "What do I do? What do I like? I have no identity."

Which is understandable. The truth is that Turner will be the star's biggest star on the show, a charismatic young celebrity whose fame and odds are likely to expand only if she does not shoot for "thrones" seven months a year. At a time when pop culture is defined by universes, it's part of two of the biggest – three, if you count the Jonas Brothers. ( The video for "Sucker", starring with the band and their equally glamorous sister-in-law Priyanka Chopra, was viewed more than 130 million times, nearly four times the total for an average episode of Game of Thrones . ") But she is still not quite used to it.

"I hate being in public," she said. "I'd rather be a character."

She is known for trolling paparazzi, and one can see some of her personality in the photos, where she makes strange faces with Joe Jonas or directs her own camera at the photographers – the playfulness, mixed with a self-protective power that does not make it easy for her to ignore her and keep going. Personally, she is funny and relaxed and open about her past struggles with depression and feelings of insecurity.

"When I'm on set, I feel great," she said. "I feel very happy, but then, afterwards – then the fear sets in."

It's hard to match the statue actress sitting in front of you, sitting back and drinking casually from a bottle of green tea, one Strong-tattoo Wolf and a line from the series ("The Pack Survives") on her arm.

But it's this combination of mild self-confidence and vulnerability, Sansa's extreme trajectory over eight seasons, of the weak It's the same quality that Kinberg desires for Jean Gray, an emotionally sensitive hero with more power than she knows how to handle.

"She's a 5-foot-9 -Individual man with an extraordinary appearance who also feels insecure and broken like the rest of us, "he said of Turner.

The time after the end of "Thrones" was "a great time of healing for me," she said, spending her time doing as little as possible. When we talked at the end of the track, she was just as curious as anyone else to see how the next few months would go, though she admitted it was nerve-wracking to have the movie so close behind "Game of Thrones." , At each exam – and with each other – she would receive.

From Sunday the first half of the equation is settled and … let's say the reviews were mixed. Less for Turner, whose Sansa was a bright spot in recent episodes, than for the very despicable season. On most Monday mornings, Twitter felt like a Bellagio fountain of # GameofThrone's hatred, and more than 1 million people signed a symbolic petition to redesign the final season.

"People always have an idea of ​​how they want a show And if they do not like it, they start talking and rebeling about it," she said on the morning after the final in a telephone conversation. (She had not seen the episode herself, "because I was alone when she came out, and I really can not be alone to see her.")

"I do not think that was the intention," she said. "It was that she was strong despite all the terrible things she went through, not because of them."

But no matter what she went through on the screen, she said it was often easier than the experience of growing up in public.

Turner is beautiful after every conceivable definition. Not so long ago, however, she was also a 16-year-old girl who was bombarded with her own image when her image was often the last thing she wanted to see. She leaned heavily on her screen sister, Maisie Williams (Arya Stark), the only girl in the world who understood what it's like to grow up in Game of Thrones.

Day when I felt really fat that day or when I felt that my face looked weird or I had great nervousness to go home to the hotel room and sit there and cry with Maisie – it was the best for us, said Turner. "I'm glad I did not cry alone."

To make matters worse, the social media hordes have taken her apart – and Turner punished for Sansa's perceived sins – and she felt very much like the one she was an inexperienced actress.

"As everyone could see in Season 1, I was a terrible actress," she said with a fact that is a little heart-wrenching when you think of a teenager who, like Sansa, was in a foreign country strapped a corset and felt like doing a lousy job.

On set, she was known for her airy professionalism that contradicted her youth. But she was struggling with anxiety and depression, which she learned to overcome through therapy. She also consoled herself in Sansa – although the poor girl was increasingly exposed to baroque horrors, Turner often found it more pleasant to settle there than on her own skin.

Now that she admires Sansa, she says: Especially the way she has learned to handle the angles in difficult situations and succeed. In a way, Turner too. Into a somewhat overwhelming situation, she watched and learned.

She learned to be an actor by watching Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey, she said, especially her naturalism and the way she entered a room and immediately became her own.

But whatever her self-criticism was, her talent was evident from the start. Dinklage, who shared many early scenes with her as Tyrion Lannister as well as some of the best moments of the past season, said Turner had "a wonderful silence for her as an actor, which is incredibly rare."

A very young girl that has so disciplined her, "he wrote in an e-mail. "In a minute she could dance and sing a music number, and once she's ready for the camera, she can flip the switch and dig so deeply emotionally. This is a gift.

Turner made Kinberg cry with her audition for "X-Men: Apocalypse," in which Jean Gray was more of a minor character.

met by Turner's attitude when she met her before the shoot. But she also felt the uncertainty of an actor who entered into a higher-level phase of her career. "There was the thought: what am I allowed to do? What can I say? Who can I be? "Chastain asked. "It's really exciting for me to see how Soph understands that everything that happens to her comes from her – she created it."

For Turner, her trajectory is no different than that of a young adult stepping out into the world. "It feels like 'Game of Thrones' is a secondary school – now it's' X-Men' University ', she said.

Turner has been with Jonas at the beginning of this Married Las Vegas in a surprise ceremony, creating a new "Thrones" package in Vegas. (They've been engaged since 2017.) An Elvis imitator presided, Diplo posted a video on Instagram.

"I'm very reluctant Inspired him, "she said of Jonas," He separated from his band, who are also his brothers, and that must be very, very difficult. "That he has a wonderful family life and wonderful relationships with his brothers and yet Being a very grounded normal person is amazing to me. "

The band is back on tour this summer, and together the couples form an extraordinarily attractive and talented group of young people doing young things – on the slopes in Switzerland go and shoot body shots at the startling Penn State students. For Turner, however, that's nothing out of the ordinary. "It just feels normal to us," she said.

The paparazzi, they insist, are only there for Jonas. "I'm like a follower," she said, which is obviously ridiculous. But the upshot is that even in New York, she's still being bombarded with her image more than she would like. "Social media is just shitty," she said.

Yes, it's pretty awful, I tell her. So how did you and Joe get to know each other?

"Instagram," she said, and then laughed hard and sincerely at the irony and perhaps also at what it suggested about the intertwining of glory and multiplatform consumption. [19659002] "So it does not suck so much ."

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