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Who notes Matthew McConaughey's record over Saints-Ram's score

It's no secret. Matthew McConaughey loves New Orleans. He has made several films here. He has written a tone poem about the city. He even once thought eloquently about the value of the city's potholes.

This week McConesughey, known to be on the eve of the Saints, remembered CBS's late show with Stephen Colbert's Super Bowl LIE, who is the best team in the NFC is ].

It came during the recurring segment "Big Questions With Even Bigger Stars," in which Colbert and a celebrity comic muse on various topics

Around the 1

:18 mark, things took a black-and-gold turn as that Topic of the NFC Championship Game decided by the referee last week.

Matthew McConaughey speaks in New Orleans: "It has such an identity, man"

"Hey, Matt, do you think God cares who wins the Super Bowl?" Colbert asked. "Nah," McConaughey replied. "If he did, the saints would have won."

The crowd in New York's audience broke out in a brief round of applause before Colbert added what everyone in Who Dat Nation already knew: "This refill is going to hell." [19659002] You can watch the segment in the following video and you can "Late Night with Stephen Colbert every week at 22:35

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