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Who won the first power of the veto contest?

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Immediately after entering the Big Brother house, the All-Stars had to compete against each other in the first Head of Household competition. Cody Calafiore prevailed as the winner and made his nominations the next day. On day 4, the HOH, its two nominees and three randomly selected house guests took part in the first Power of Veto competition of the season.

Cody Calafiore from Big Brother Season 16
Cody Calafiore from ‘Big Brother’ Season 16 | CBS

Cody Calafiore won the first ever ‘BB22’ household head competition

After months of rumors, CBS confirmed thisBig Brother 22 would play all returning players for the first time in nearly 15 years. Following the announcement, the network claimed viewers could meet the cast on the live feeds a week before the premiere.

However, it delayed the cast reveal for reasons unknown, and fans found out who would be performing live for the season. Janelle Pierzina (BB6, 7, 14), Kaysar Ridha (BB6, 7), Dani Donato Briones (BB8, 13), Memphis Garrett (BB10), Keesha Smith (BB10), Kevin Campbell (BB11), Enzo Palumbo (BB12), Ian Terry (BB14 Winner), Cody Calafiore (BB16), Da’Vonne Rogers (BB17, 18), Nicole Franzel (BB18 Champion), Christmas Abbott (BB19), Bayleigh Dayton (BB20), Tyler Crispen (BB20), David Alexander (BB21) and Nicole Anthony ( BB21) took part in the first head of the household immediately after entering the house.

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Cody easily won the physical challenge and earned the private bedroom for the week. Also, Ian, Kevin, Memphis and Nicole became have-nots by randomly drawing an envelope after the HOH competition.

Cody Calafiore nominated Keesha Smith and Kevin Campbell

The next day, Cody spoke to Nicole F. and they called each other “Ride or Die” in the game. The BB16 The runner-up admitted that he planned to nominate Kaysar and Keesha, but Nicole F. stated that she liked the latter and pushed for Janelle.

However, Kaysar won the Safety Suite competition and chose his longtime ally as his “plus” to save what thwarted the HOH’s plans. So he decided to nominate Kevin as a farmer with Keesha as a target since the two had not had any conversations.

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After the nomination ceremony, the BB11 Star spoke to Cody and the HOH told him he had no intention of driving the old student away. He also spoke to Keesha, who burst into tears after nominating her, and the two had a very long conversation about their lives that allowed him to get to know her better.

Even so, Cody asked some people not to use the veto if they won and still plans to send Keesha home.

Who won ‘BB22’ first Power of Veto competition?

On day 4, the All-Stars played their first Power of Veto competition. Da’Vonne hosted it with the HOH and the nominated nominees, plus Tyler and Ian who were randomly selected.

Kevin drew the houseguests ballot and picked Enzo, making Keesha the only woman in attendance. After two and a half hours, the feeds returned, and Enzo proudly wore the Power of Veto necklace.

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TheBB12 Star has already completed the last two with Cody, promising he wouldn’t use the POV. Therefore, it currently looks like Keesha will be the first shoe of the season.

Big Brother 22 airs on Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on CBS.

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