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#WhoBitBeyonce? Fans have theories about Tiffany Haddish's story – Hollywood Life

Tiffany Haddish recently revealed that an actress was bumping into Beyonce's face at a party she was attending and fans were visiting Twitter to make some pretty interesting guesses about who it might have been. See the wild theories here!

Tiffany Haddish 38, shocked Beyonce fans everywhere when she revealed in a recent GQ Magazine interview that an unknown actress struck Jay -Z and bit Bey at a party they both attended. It was not long before the fans appeared on Twitter and published their best wild guesses about who it was. Chrissy Teigen 32, introduced the theory with its own answer to the story by writing for the first time: "I can not leave this planet without knowing who bit Beyonce's face" and then: "I can only think of a person who would do that, but I can not say it, but she … is the worst." Hmm … a user has a cheery photo of Bey's daughter Blue Ivy with the caption posted, the whole "actress Bit Beyoncè" is a cover-up. There is only one human on earth who would have the audacity to harm Beyoncè, who would defend Beyoncè. # WhoBitBeyonce. Others followed suit and published amusing memes, including one labeled "American Crime Story: Who Bitten Beyonce?"

In addition to the users who shared humor, other users had real answers and named different actresses. # WhoBitBeyonce I got my bets on Jennifer Lawrence . It's the worst and Hollywood knows it, "one user tweeted.Another estimated Girl actress Lena Dunham as the offender." # WhoB i tBeyonce ? Abbey Lee Miller, "read another tweet. Gwyneth Paltrow Nicki Minaj and Sanaa Lathan were other speculations in numerous tweets.

Although we're not sure who Beyonce Beyonce has not commented on the allegations and we wonder if she'll ever do that, maybe she forgave the actress who got hungry, or maybe she wants to Just Beyonce knows it and it's possible that we'll find out one day, but right now we'll have to stick to the amusing (and not so amusing) theories!

We're glad that Beyonce is not To take seriously seemed to hurt at the insane torture of the wild face and we hope that she does not have to go through this again!

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