See how much has been saved on average since the Amazon acquisition.

Prices are rising at the Whole Foods Market.

According to The Wall Street Journal, which reports that internal corporate communications have been reviewed, Whole Foods has raised prices for hundreds of products to cover the rising costs of packaging, ingredients and transportation.

Increased numbers of items this month, including Häagen-Dazs ice cream and Dr. Bonner's soaps, the newspaper reports, with prices rising to 550 additional items in December.

One of the newspaper's audited e-mails. Mails indicated that providers charged higher costs due to inflation.

Inflation-related increases range from 10 cents to several dollars with soaps, detergents, oils, and nut butters, with some of the highest increases 66 cents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

Amazon acquired the Whole Foods chain in August 2017 for $ 13.7 billion, with the "vision to make Whole Foods Market high-quality, natural and organic food affordable to all "The companies said in a joint announcement.

On the first day the prices for" best-selling staple foods "were included finally fruits, dairy and meat lowered.

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Whole Foods "stopped selling nearly half of its 700 out-of-date products and added deals for 100 more," a corporate spokeswoman told The Wall Street Journal. Prices continued to rise to about 50 of the 700 items.

In a statement to USA TODAY, Whole Foods, like all grocers, said that the company has experienced "increased costs for suppliers due to materials, labor and transportation, and we have absorbed much of the inflation."

The Company has attempted to lure Prime members with exclusive offers to Whole Foods, which include an additional 10% loyalty discount on the retail price. Members with an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa receive 5% cash back for Whole Foods purchases.

"Many prices have also fallen, and we're constantly increasing the number of promotions we offer to give our customers better value," said Whole Foods. "We continue to strive to further lower prices at Amazon as we fulfill our mission to make high quality, natural and organic food more affordable and accessible."

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