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Whole Foods racist restaurant name is yellow fever

Whole Foods stands reaction after opening an Asian themed restaurant in Long Beach, California, which is especially called yellow fever.

The top of the line food trader does not claim the restaurant yet it is hammered for banding along with a chain whose name customers call is certainly hostile and racist.

Yellow Fever is a chain of restaurants. One year ago, Kim Kelly, co-owner and official culinary specialist of the local restaurant, shared the reason and idea that drives the name of the bizarre restaurant.

"When we finally came up with the idea, each one of the names thought of us and sucked in. Popular expressions like" custom, "" bamboo, "" lotus "and" brilliant "were not critical," she said.

Kelly concluded, "One night we just said" Yellow Fever! "And it worked, it's fun, breathtaking and non-selective ̵

1; you can house any Asian culture under one roof with a name that way just pulled out all the stops. "

Anyway, Twitter users have completely ignored the moody idea. The name is hostile not only to East Asians, but also to Americans and Africans. Yellow fever is transmitted by mosquitoes and was formerly known as American fever.

In the 18th century, five notable episodes of fatal viral infection occurred in North America, killing more than 9 percent of individuals in Philadelphia. At that time, the city was the capital of the United States and George Washington had to flee the city

At this point in 1878, he was responsible for the passages of 20,000 people in the cities of the Mississippi River Valley [196592002Subsequentepisodesoccurredin1905intheUnitedStatesandthediseaseisnowprevalentamongnumerousnationsofAfricaandLatinAmerica

" If I put racist cold-hearted views on this specific naming decision, I think you better still believe that you are still a food that gives its name to a viral disease that, in addition to other things, causes nausea, choking, dying, and getting stuck. .. * loss of appetite * ", said a Twitter user.

Another stated, "I would perhaps recommend that it would be pointless to portray the name as both a racist and a depravity."

"Okay …. like goodness." In the event that all exposure is great Attention is, this new chain must be upset with their presentation assembly, "said another.

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