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Why & # 39; Aquaman & # 39; Trailer was best received by Comic-Con

The first trailer shows that the movie may be the buried treasure, so many moviegoers have been waiting for Warner Bros. to reveal it.

Probably the most anticipated revelation of this year's San Diego Comic-Con, the trailer for James Wan's Aquaman brought fans a wave of excitement on Saturday in Hall H. Warner Bros.. The latest entry in its universe of DC movies, now officially known as DC Worlds, finds the studio trying to turn the corner after the Justice League faced critical and financial disappointment.


sees Jason Momoa repeat the titular role as he is forced to cope with his royal legacy and his outsider status. Over the decades, the character's pop culture status has made him a joke maker, largely due to his rather useless role in the animated series of the 1

970s Super Friends Aquaman seems to be riddled with character-rich comics History – especially Geoff Johns' run on the character in 2011, and make him a power player with the popularity Wonder Woman in the eyes of the general audience members. By injecting the same adrenaline rush that Wan has served well in both horror and action, Aquaman looks like a very unique cinematic experience that could be the second half of the biggest event movie of 2018 all the previous ones DC images have succeeded Aquaman gives us a glimpse into the hero's beginnings and rooted in the mythological aspects of this character. The events leading up to Arthur Curry's birth seem to be largely the same as in modern comics. The lighthouse keeper Tom Curry (Temuera Morrison) rescues the Atlantic Queen Atlanna (Nicole Kidman) and falls in love with her despite their different origins. While we do not see much of her in this trailer, the Comic-Con crowd was treated to an extended trailer featuring an action-heavy Atlanna scene scene showing the extent of her powers. Within the numerous continuities of DC, several different fates have been waiting for Atlanna, some where she dies young and others, where she becomes angry and eventually becomes a threat to Arthur's reign. It's still too early to know if Kidman's role will be a one-time event or not, but we hope the film uses her talent.

Although Atlanna poses no danger in this film, or ever, her son and Arthur's half-brother Orm (Patrick Wilson) will surely be. Orm, also known as the Ocean Master, is one of Aquaman's most repeated enemies and one of the first to make up his small but consistent gallery of villains. Orm acts as the ruler of Atlantis, and he is driven to eradicate the people of the surface world who have polluted the oceans and led their wars into once peaceful waters. Orm's motifs in the comics are similar, and his plan to unite the seven kingdoms with those of the countryside comes from a similar story, "Throne of Atlantis," which is the culmination of John's run. Despite the fact that sibling rivalries are a staple of the comic genre and mythology, Momoa and Wilson can provide their respective roles with multi-layered complexity.

Aera is one of the most interesting characters from Aquaman's tales: Mera (Amber) Heard), his eventual queen, and a powerful superhero whose championship over water makes her even more powerful than Arthur. Here we meet Mera before she becomes queen and sees the beginnings of her relationship with Arthur. Although we could take a quick look at the character in Justice League she is co-starring Aquaman just like her in the comics. As a warrior of the lost Atlantic tribe Xebel, Mera plans to overthrow Orm's rule by seeking the rightful heir of Atlantis. The modern comic continuity reveals that Mera was actually sent by the Xebel tribe to Atlantis to assassinate the ruler of Atlantis as revenge for the tribe's exile into a penal colony. Her mission as a murderer fades when she falls in love with Arthur, but eventually her tribe looks for her and demands answers as to why she has not fulfilled her mission. Aquaman at least as a first film, may simplify Mera's background, but since Dolph Lundgren appears as Mera's father, King Nereus, Arthur and Orm may not be the only ones to shed family blood.

Wan has described it Aquaman as a quest movie, and has said that it is closer to a fantasy adventure movie than a superhero movie. The trailer, which leads us through Atlantis and some sea kingdoms, does justice to the spectacle of a fantasy film. With its vast kingdoms, deep mythologies and family feuds, Aquaman becomes Game of Thrones underwater . Aquaman draws not only from high-fantasy, but also adventure-related realms such as Raiders of the Ark (1981) and Romancing the Stone (1984). Arthur and Mera's plan to overthrow Orm takes them on a journey to find the three king of King Atlan, the ancient ruler of Atlantis, who used the trident to sink Atlantis centuries ago after a feud with his brother Orin to the Massacre of his family. While the trident might be a McGuffin (something that certainly has not hindered the Marvel Cinematic Universe), it may be more meaningful as its symbolic role generates parallel tragedies across generations.

One of the trailer's most exciting moments is when we see Arthur and Mera fighting monsters known as the Trench. As Atlan Atlantis sank, the surviving kingdoms had to adapt to their new environment. The ditch developed to survive the dark depths of the ocean and assumed a more monstrous appearance. This sequence will definitely give Wan the chance to discover his love of horror and the film's ability to move in different genres. In the trailer, we also see the other kingdoms, the fishermen and the Brine, while Orm prepares for a total war of riding huge sea creatures. Exploring the depths and discovering the different cultures that exist under the sea will surely be one of the movie's biggest selling points as Wan introduces the audience to a new universe in the midst of a familiar life.

Aquaman will not only have to fight with underwater opponents, but also a human being. In the comic strips, Aquaman accidentally killed Mantas father and caused a personal resentment between the men that caused the Black Manta to kill Aquaman's son in one of the earliest DC moments of uncompromising desolation. Michael Beach was cast in Mantas father in the movie, so you can be sure that this grudge comes from similar circumstances. A treasure hunter and mercenary, Black Manta was known to have a design that was said to be almost impossible to recreate in live action. Art designer Pascal Blanche was up to the challenge and we have Black Manta in a costume that is not only practical, but also exactly matches the comics.

Wan has said that Manta will play a supporting role in the film, with the centerpiece of the film focusing on the conflict between Arthur and Orm. But with the rising star Abdul-Mateen II in the role and Black Manta, who is a key member of the Legion of Doom, it seems likely that we will see much more of him in the future. Although the future of Aquaman is not promised, this trailer is ready to welcome a hopefully long-term franchise. Wan certainly has plenty of material to pull and explore. As a collective, DC's cinematic universe has not yet reached the love of the masses, but Aquaman looks like the buried treasure, so many moviegoers have been waiting for Warner Bros. to uncover.


is scheduled to go to the cinemas on December 21st.

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