When Jean Gray begins to unravel, the X-Men do so as they confront their alter ego, Dark Phoenix.

Spoil Alert! The following story describes an important plot line in the new X-Men movie "Dark Phoenix". So watch out if you have not seen him yet for Sophie Turner when she filmed the epic collapse of X-Men heroine Jean Gray. So much so that between Turner and director Simon Kinberg a joke came up.

"He would say," All right, another intense climate scene for the movie! "And every day," says Turner, 23. "I've been feeling emotionally drained all the time, but it was so exciting for me because it was one of the first roles I did not just stand in the background, but was able to do hang around, joke and (chaos) on the set. It really put me to the test and I loved it. "

But one scene almost ruined Turner.

Seriously. This is your last chance to save yourself, because things are close to super spoilage.

Powerful telekinetist Jean Gray (Sophie Turner) becomes a farmer in a cosmic conflict as her abilities in the X-Men movie "Dark Phoenix" become stronger and more unstable. (Photo: DOANE GREGORY)

"Dark Phoenix" sees Jean blown up during a space mission, but instead she is dying of a cosmic force that gives her godlike powers. As addictive as these abilities may be, this new entity in it tears them inside and out.

Jean was orphaned at a young age and picked up by Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) after she had survived a fatal car accident involving her parents. But she finds out that Xavier has lied and that her father is still alive and does not want to have anything to do with her after he blamed Jean for his wife's death.

The X-woman goes to her old home to face him, and she meets Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) and the X-Men, who have traveled to find her before she does something rash. Mystique tries to reassure her, but feelings get out of hand and Jean unleashes a telekinetic explosion that drives Mystique to the end of a bulldozer's business and kills her.

"It's the catalyst for everything that happens in the movie." says Turner, who was "unconscious" of how important Lawrence's disastrous finale was. "There was a lot of attention in the scene, and I did not take it easy."

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Sophie Turner says her role as a conflicting Jean Gray in "Dark Phoenix" is "on a different level" from anything she did before has played, including Sansa Stark.

The problem was that Turner had not slept the night before because she was very worried about the scene and the actress had problems mentally getting into it during the shoot.

"It's such an emotionally charged scene," says Turner. "I cried because I did not understand it, and when I started to feel that kind of frustration and anger, I realized that Jean should feel that right now."

The fact that I could not see the scene properly made me see the scene correctly.

Jennifer Lawrence, who plays as a blue-skinned shapeshifter in "Dark Phoenix," starred together with Sophie Turner in one of the film's most important scenes. (Photo: DOANE GREGORY)

Co-star Michael Fassbender was "overwhelmed" by Turner's maturity and her handling of each day of shooting, he says. "She really has to go emotionally to extreme places." And Kinberg adds that the actors told him how "incredible" she was: "Everyone knows she's a great actress out of & # 39; Game of Thrones & # 39 ;, but she definitely surprised us all." [19659004] The headlining of "Dark Phoenix" was "a daunting task," Turner says, but she loved the support of Lawrence and others.

because I (damn) have Oscar winners and Oscar nominees around me and they choose me to lead it? The girl from this TV show? ", Remembers Turner." For me it was special to have her as root.

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