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Why Aaron Judge believes Home Run Derby is perfect for Mets & # 39; Pete Alonso

Pete Alonso is already taking the MLB by storm, but has made it clear that he wants to perform on one of the game's biggest stages: the Home Run Derby 2019.

Alonso's natural powerhammer would fit perfectly with the competition, though should he be afraid of the derby curse? Some players will not take part as their turns may be confused when trying to put the ball over the fence.

Well, a player who sat in Alonso's shoes in Yankees OF Aaron Judge two years ago does not think Alonso should think that way. He wants him to attend the All-Star weekend at the Progressive Field Plate at the Derby.

"It was a lot of fun," Judge David Lennon of Newsday said, talking about his experience with the Home Run Derby. "I enjoyed it and I would recommend it to him ̵

1; after seeing his swing, he will do pretty well, I know that."

Alonso's interest must be offset by the league, which should send out invitations soon for the derby. However, one of these invitations is likely to expand to its 19 seasonal things.

Looking back on Judge's Derby 2017, however, caution is advised. The towering thug has won the competition, but has suffered a shoulder injury, leading to a fall in the second half compared to his first half.

But Alonso is not too worried about that.

"Well, I mean, my thing is just hit hard," he told Tim Healey of Newsday. "That's it, home run derby, that's exactly what I do every day, I'm a big, strong guy, I'll do my best to stick with it, you know. My equal momentum. "

As Alonso points out, his mission is to keep hitting the ball hard, and he has done well this season, with a 46.4 percent harsh strike rate, the top 50 in the league, and even more impressive its barrel-shaped balls per plate at 12.3 percent, which is the sixth place in the entire MLB.

So there will be no swing changes that Alonso has to make to win the Derby title kicking the box and treating her like he's having all his bats this season.

"I do not want to manipulate my swing as I go to baseball," he said, "I do not want to change anything – swing, mechanics or anything – for the derby. I want to stay the way I am. I just want to trust my regular swing playing in a derby. If I hit, "If enough balls are hard enough, they'll probably cross the fence."

The same goes for Judge, whose long, powerful punch was meant for Derby size. He has won twice in a row, but announced that he will not participate again until it takes place in New York.

Now Alonso can be the next rising New York star on the Derby throne. The judge remembered his time out there when the screaming fans wondered about the lunar shots he used to fill the seats. And while the drama of seeing Ball after Ball go over 400 feet, Judge knows that the heat of competition is the best part.

"It's a competition, you know?" Judge said. "So, every time you compete, the adrenaline will flow in a bit, and that adds, and the crowd gets in. And I think I was booed all the while I was there and I'm against the." Boys from their hometown.

The hometown boys the judge is talking about are Justin Bohr and now teammate Giancarlo Stanton he defeated in Miami for his first derby win this pool of Power Bats, which included Gary Sanchez and Cody Bellinger could compete in this year's field.

With a new $ 1 million prize to the winner "Why would not the best sluggers of the game participate?" Even if the money were not there, Alonso would be the first to put his name into the race if he could now, as Richter said he has the swing for it, and Alonso knows it too

But the newcomer knows it will still be an amazing experience whether he's crowned champion or not.

"Winning it, not winning, I mean, just being there will be one Honor, "Alonso said probably have the funniest time. When I reach zero homeruns or all homeruns, it will be a blast. "

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