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Why am I buying a 2015 MacBook Pro instead of a new one?

  Why are you buying 2015 MacBook Pro instead of 2019 2?

"Apple is no longer innovative." This is a line we have been taking over from Steve Jobs since Tim Cook. But is that really true? J Just look at the Apple Pro Display XDR and its 999-dollar monitor arm . Do not look at this.

Apple is of course innovative, and its latest MacBook Pro models ̵

1; with monstrous eight-core i9 processors and numerous touch bars – are no exception. There are enough innovations in both software and hardware to impress even the most nerve-wracking cynics.

So when I had to equip myself with a shiny new MacBook, I thought I was heading straight for the MacBook Pro 2019 and paying as if it had gone out of fashion. Not correct; I totally ignored it. In fact, I did not ignore it so much as turning it around and turning it in the opposite direction. I bought a MacBook Pro 2015 instead.

Why a four-year-old MacBook Pro instead of the latest and greatest model from a few months ago? After all, this year's model is equipped with a keyboard that is even less likely to fail and ignores your keystrokes. How is that for innovation?

Well, that seems like a good start.

The keys to success.

This keyboard is sort of a sticking point. I am a resident of both the Microsoft and the Apple world and use a nice, bulky mechanical keyboard with my Windows PC. Apple has always made fantastic keyboards, but nowadays switching from a 'Mech to a Mac is like a house arrest – there are no travel costs.

But that's not the main problem for me. I've previously used a 2018 MacBook Pro for the work and soon got used to the flatter keystrokes. I appreciated the bigger keys and the quieter knock compared to the clattering cacophony of my mechanical board. But feeling and traveling were never the main problems for me; This dubious honor lies in the annoying unreliability of the keyboard.

  MacBook Pro Sticky-Keys Sonic Keyboard

Apple has released its "Butterfly" keyboard for the first time in the world in the 12-inch MacBook from 2015 and the fact that it is already in the third revision This is not exactly encouraging for just over four years. They've tried to add membranes every time they release new releases and reinforce the mechanisms with different materials, but the keyboards drop letters like a clumsy postman.

I had the pleasure of experiencing this first-hand when the "B" key stopped working on my MacBook work. The calm office air was pierced by my raging tapping when I tried to spell "baboon" or "flibbertigibbet" without going crazy. I have enough reasons to be angry (the economy of being beaten up at children's video games, why I do not have my own exotic menagerie, etc.). I do not need another, especially if you're typing.

Why spend more?

A common theme that pops up both in occasional conversations and with online experts is that you can get similar specifications for less money if you choose a Windows laptop over a MacBook. One thing that is always overlooked is that Apple's portable devices last much longer than their Windows brothers – according to Consumer Reports, only 10% of ownership fail until the third year of ownership, or about half that of Windows -Konkurrenten.

] My brother is still chugging on a 2008 MacBook Pro, fulfilling all its requirements – including high-end music production software – like a real champion. In the meantime, my old Windows laptop with plastic shell from the same year has died after only a few 24 months.

  The old security certificate for os x has expired. Installers are useless. Apple MacBook Pro 13 Ret 2015 Page
Bill Roberson / Digital Trends

Apple has created a problem for itself with the reliability of its products. You do not have to upgrade to the latest and greatest version unless you really do not need to. This is one of the reasons the Cupertino giant relies on services and relies less on cell phone sales: There are more than enough iPhones to deal with. So you can buy a newer model, such as the Core i9 processor. an upgrade is not necessary. There is no touch bar required for my sophisticated browsing of cat videos in my pajamas.

Since Apple says MacOS Catalina will work on Macs until 2012, I'm not worried that I'll be back soon, even though my MacBook is already four years old. Apple sticks to its older devices for a long time, and even if I do not get the latest operating system, the MacBook will still be powerful.

Do not get me wrong, I like the latest MacBooks. The build quality is excellent, the trackpads are wonderful and the software wipes the floor with windows. But I can get it all – a lot cheaper – in a 2015 model.

The next time you think about a new MacBook, do not forget the older generation. They may not be the newest and trendiest kids on the block, but they can easily type whatever they want. Unfortunately, it is a testament to the state of the current MacBook that the ability to type reliably is a selling point.

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