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Why are fathers like Prince Harry and Mark Consuelos targeted by trolls?

In the modern age of the Internet, and especially in social media, rumors can emerge and stories quickly get out of hand.

As we know, famous people have virtually no privacy. They are constantly being photographed, and a bad picture can lead to a world of criticism. In addition, the people in the limelight seemed to be criticized regardless of their job.

Do you spend a lot of time with the family? They are criticized for neglecting other obligations. Work too much? They are attacked because they do not spend enough time with their family. It just does not seem to be fair and adds a whole new meaning to the mindset "damn if you do, dammit if you do not".

Why do fathers like Prince Harry and Mark Consuelos get this meaning? Attacked by trolls?

What happened when Prince Harry was attacked?

  Prince Harry
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex | Chris Jackson – WPA Pool / Getty Images

As expected, after the birth of Archie Harrison, Meghan Markle took a break from her royal duties. Her hard-working husband Harry got back to work in just a few days. According to Time, the prince returned to his responsibilities for good reason.

As it turned out, Harry applied the Invictus Games, for which he is co-founder. In the news media, it was ubiquitous that Harry left Meghan and Archie, saying he did not spend enough time with his wife and new son. Incredible!

What exactly happened to Mark Consuelos?

Recently, Hollywoodlife reported that Mark Consuelos aimed to spend too little time with Kelly Ripa and her three children. The family was on vacation and during one of his workouts a picture of Mark appeared.

A random Internet troll said he spent too much time focusing on his training regime and not enough time with Kelly and the kids. Kelly quickly jumped in defense of her husband and told the shaman that Mark was on vacation with the whole family and just exercised while the family was on vacation. Keep it up, Kelly!

Harry's Friend Defends Him

Luckily for Harry, he has a close group of friends who will not let anyone get away with unfairly attacking him. His friend Nacho Figueras defended him by saying he was a "great father" and "very present" in Archie's life, as the Daily Mail reports.

Nacho continued to champion his friend by saying that he and Meghan's actions are constantly being misinterpreted and that Harry is in no way an absent father.

Prince Harry is devoted to his family Observe Meghan and Harry how much they devote themselves. We almost never see them when they are not holding hands, and they only look with love and admiration.

Also, the day Baby Archie was born, it was obvious that Harry was bursting with joy. According to Today, Harry not only said he was incredibly proud of his wife, but also that his newborn son was simply "dying".

Why are dads like Prince Harry and Mark Consuelos attacked by trolls?

Although it's hard to say why this happens, it's most likely that trolls enjoy the drama that follows their critique. People like Prince Harry and Mark Consuelos are living their lives in the limelight and people will always have something to say no matter what they do.

We need to remember that even though they are high-profile people, they are just like the rest of us and have to find time for things like workouts and work responsibilities. It seems that both they and those close to them are experiencing the perfect comeback, letting the negative comments roll off their backs.

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