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Why are the Cleveland Indians changing their names? Cleveland Colavitos? Cleveland Buckeyes? – Hey, Terry!

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Cleveland Indians are moving towards a name change. It has a lot of fans who ask a lot of questions.

Hey Terry: I always felt that Dolan’s property was underestimated by some. I quickly praised how they outwitted the opposition over the years rather than outbid them … shortly after Chief Wahoo’s dismissal and about to change the team name (something they said didn’t happen) why are the Dolans trying hard to please those who don̵

7;t care about the Indians or baseball? – Bob Kehnast, defiance.

Hey Bob: Many fans share their feelings about it. I wrote “The Inside Story: From George Floyd to FedEx” about the naming problems of the Indians for the weekend. A number of factors were important:

1. They are worn down by the cultural wars. The battle for Chief Wahoo took a toll on the franchise’s national perception. So they changed it in 2019. I thought for a long time that it had to do with the all-star game coming to Cleveland. To be fair, MLB and the Dolans contested my theory that Wahoo had to go for the upcoming all-star game.

2nd Things changed after George Floyd’s death and turmoil. Many things are questioned. According to my interview with Paul Dolan 18 months ago, MLB 2019 had no objection to the name of the Indians. Many things are now being questioned.

3rd The Indians wanted to avoid pressure on their company sponsors because of the name. When FedEx urged the Washington Redskins to change their nickname, the Indians didn’t want their main sponsors to get involved in the name issue.

4th A change of name can be fun from a marketing perspective. It’s a chance to start over, even though they know it will bother many hardcore fans.

5. You asked why, that’s the reason, even if I don’t agree with everyone.

Hey Terry: How about THE COLAVITOS: DON’T KNOCK THE TEAM, THE ROCK! – Kurt Landefeld, Bradenton, Fla.

Hey Kurt: I wrote there The curse of Rocky Colavito, You knew I would love it. They were once called The Naps (1903-14) after the second baseman of the Hall of Fame, Napoleon Lajoie.


Manager Terry Francona supports a change in the team name. Photo by Joshua Gunter, cleveland.comJoshua Gunter, cleveland.com

Hey Terry: (Manager Terry) Francona comes on TV and says it’s time for a (name) change. Can anyone believe what he’s been saying about the problem since being paid by the Dolans? And isn’t it time to change managers? – Joe Buz Cincurak, Akron.

Hello Joe: Yes, Francona is paid by the Dolans. But in his voice I hear the same tiredness about the topic that I’ve heard from others in the organization. I think they think it’s best to move away from the cultural issue. They don’t think it’s worth the fight. And you want to fire the manager who has the best overall record in the American League since 2013? Yikes !!!

Hey Terry: Do you think the days of $ 300 million contracts are over and the Indians have a legitimate chance to sign Francisco Lindor because the owners are crying badly due to the shortened season and no longer have fans? – Patrick Kasunic, Richmond Heights.

Hey Patrick: I think a lot of free agents will find that this is a very cold winter. But Lindor will not be released until the 2021 season. I don’t see that the Indians have the money to sign it now and then. I assume that it will be traded before 2021. There are some big market teams that have the money to pay for an elite free agent like the Indian shortstop as it becomes available.

Hey Terry: Can you still say … trunk? – – Judy Kelly Krueger, Oklahoma.

Hey Judy: “Tribe” is my favorite name for the team. I don’t expect the Indians to change the name to Tribe. I think they will choose something completely new. But I love “Tribe” for a team name. It also represents family for me.

Hey Terry: Do you think the owners who want to delete the team’s identity want to move the franchise? – – Jeremy Price.

Hey Terry: Do you think the changes (Chief Wahoo, nickname) are part of the Dolan’s long-term plan to sell the team? – Clark Button, Lyndhurst.

Hey Jeremy & Clark: In a word … NO. The Dolans are pure Cleveland. I think they would love another little investor to replace John Sherman (who bought the Royals). His stake (an estimated 20 percent of the team) is held in an escrow account until the Dolans figure out what to do next. But the Dolans would never want to be known as the family that led to the Indians leaving. Eventually they’ll sell. You’ve had the team since 1999. I haven’t heard of it in the near future.

I don't think he's moving to Cleveland

The U.S. mascot Brutus appears before the game between the Buckeyes and Michigan at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, OH on Saturday, November 24, 2018. (Marvin Fong / The Plain Dealer)

The simple trader

Hey Terry: I like the idea of ​​the Cleveland Buckeyes. Would we run into problems with the state of Ohio? – – Jon Black, mentor

Hey Jon: That would be a mistake because OSU has the name. There is history called Cleveland Buckeyes. They played in the Negro Baseball League World Series in 1945 and 1947. But the Indians need something that belongs to them. My wife (Roberta) likes the pikeperch. Could have fun with this logo.

Hey Terry: Is Bradley’s room on the game plan? – Bill Lipps, Conneaut.

Hey Bill: The original plan was for Zimmer to open the season in the AAA Columbus class. Now, without a season in a small league, I don’t see him start immediately. If he ever stays healthy and can’t strike radically (big IFs), he has the talent to play CF very well and to strive for some strength. I suspect 2021 is more of a great opportunity.

Hey Terry: Considering how often the Indians start slowly, what will they look like in the shortened season? Does warm weather help? – Carolyn Berry, Smithville.

Hey Terry: Who has the advantage this year, hitter or pitcher? – Bill Fredrick.

Hey Carolyn & Bill: You’d better be ready to start “hot” with just 60 games early. Francona said that it was like going to August and taking first place with four other teams. I think he will manage almost every game like in the postseason. Hot weather usually helps hit songs.

Hey Terry: What is the time frame for the Indians to change their names? – Matt Simmerson.

Hey Matt: The attitude of the Indians is that no decision has been made. But you can see that they will change it. I suspect they want it ready for the 2021 season. I bet they’re working on ideas now.


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