SportsPulse: Fox Sports & # 39; Alexi Lalas breaks off the most intriguing storylines that occurred on the weekend, looking at how far Ronaldo, Messi and Mexico can go.

MOSCOW – You will not find a more arrogant athlete than Cristiano Ronaldo in sports, he stretches, he brags, he cleans himself, he poses, he thinks he is the best, not only the best, but the best of times He has more faith than Kobe Bryant, even less acceptance of his own fallibility than Floyd Mayweather, his walk carries more assurance than Tom Brady and his refusal to accept that There could be a better Conor McGregor.

And just this arrogance is the reason that Portugal remained in the World Cup qualifiers before his clash with Uruguay in the knockout stages on Saturday, and why Ronaldo is the most transcendent Spi eler of late.

Ronaldo's self-indulgent manner is by no means his teammates, but his colleagues in the Portuguese squad. This is not a profound roster, at least not at the elitist world level, and the way he carries the weight of attention and expectation is fine with those beside him.

Ronaldo's cockiness is not an act, but he does not dismiss it for the benefits it offers. He's everywhere in football and throughout the World Cup, on billboards and wall murals and television ads, on news bulletins and interviews and tactical broadcasting on Russian television.

Every time you see him, the brand look is the same, chest puffed out, grinning smirk on his face, shirt pulled out and muscles flexed at every opportunity – whether after a goal or during a workout.

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More: South Korean players could [19659008] Opponents are not immune to the same factors that affect the rest of us after the World Cup. Ronaldo's fame and fame play in the mind of a rival who knows that every interaction with him in the field is being watched, questioned and repeated. Ronaldo annoys many, and there is no defender alive who would not like to take possession of him. The trap in which so many opposing teams pay too much attention to him during a match, as Iran did in the last group game, allows Ricardo Quaresma to stand in the extra field.

It is a double-edged project. Ronaldo is not treated very well on the field and he can destroy you single-handedly.

Football is not good enough for a single superstar to play a whole game, let alone how to do it – and generally – in basketball. A football field is a huge piece of farmland and you'll never see a whole attack from a single focal point like hardwood or a football player. Then there's the simple math – 11 players, all with roles that are at least loosely defined.

But Ronaldo finds a way to deal with things, even when the ball is not at his feet. The way he can fire the jets, his physical strength, his tactical thinking and his technical skills mean that his presence naturally changes the structure of his opponents.

He can float around the field of his own free will, too. This makes him a nightmare in that he falls lower, keeps drifting on both sides and stays in an advanced position, trying to get opponents to catch him offside.

He believes that he is the best. I feel that he can be stopped, which is why he will keep coming back to you until the very end, even on days when things are not going the way he is.

Sometimes it's not easy to be in the same team with a figurehead Who has arrogance as a characteristic feature? Portugal does not matter. Because it is this arrogance that gave them a European title in 2016 and gives them a chance to win this World Cup.


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