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Why did Princess Diana say I can not marry Prince Charles?

It is no secret that Princess Diana and Prince Charles have not made a perfect marriage. At first, they seemed like the perfect couple that had come from a fairytale. However, shortly after their marriage, there were rumors (now confirmed) that both Prince Charles and Princess Diana had extramarital affairs. If you associate that with the fact that they always began to distance themselves when they were in public, many fans did not take long to realize that there were certain cracks in their relationship.

However, they had a brief relationship and engagement that led Princess Diana down the hall to marry her prince. She looked so cheerful. This is why so many people are confused why she got a cold feet case just before the wedding. Why did Princess Diana say she can not marry Prince Charles? We know the following.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana were not in love

  Prince Charles and Princess Diana
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Prince Charles had Camilla Parker-Bowles dated for the first time in the early 1970s. After seeing each other for about a year, Princess Charles went to the Royal Navy and was away for eight months. Parker-Bowles had a hard time waiting for his return, and when Prince Charles finally returned, he discovered Parker-Bowles was engaged to another man. While Parker-Bowles wanted to start a family with her new husband, Prince Charles had to find a wife and start her own family.

In 1977, Prince Charles met a 16-year old Diana Spencer when he was with her sister Lady Sarah. Apparently, Prince Charles was more interested in Princess Diana than in her older sister, and two years later, when Princess Diana was 18 years old and Prince Charles was 31 years old, they had a romantic relationship. Princess Diana had only been around a few times seen when Prince Charles felt pressured by his family to marry. When he suggested Princess Diana, she and Prince Charles had only met on twelve different occasions.

The marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles was rocky from the beginning of although Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles had split up and seemed to have moved on, they still loved each other secretly. The world may have learned about Prince Charles's love for Parker-Bowles only a few years after he and Princess Diana got married, but Princess Diana had known about it before she even walked down the aisle.

Prince Charles and Parker-Bowles remained close friends after the breakup. And when he petitioned Princess Diana, he had allegedly received a gold bracelet specifically made for his "friend" Parker-Bowles to celebrate the grand occasion that seemed a bit strange to everyone, especially to Princess Diana. In an interview, Princess Diana once said that she had heard Prince Charles Parker-Bowles say that he would "always love" her before he and Princess Diana got married.

Prince Charles did not only flirt with his ex-girlfriend while he was engaged to Princess Diana, but she had said that while they were engaged, he also commented on how she started getting fat. She had also said that his commentary was one of the things that had misled her on the dangerous path of bulimia.

Why did Princess Diana say she could not marry Prince Charles? Emagazine.credit-suisse.com/app/art…1007 & lang = DE So, with uncertainty and trust issues, it 's no wonder that Princess Diana had great doubts "I do" to say to the Prince of Wales the day before her wedding, she went to her sisters and said, "I can not marry him, I can not do that, it's absolutely incredible." Her sisters did not show the most compassion and had her said that it was too late to change her mind and that she had to complete the wedding regardless of her attitude to the Prince of Wales.

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