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Why did so many people believe Meghan Markle had twins?

It's an exciting time not just for the royal family, but for the whole world. We've been waiting for months for the arrival of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's baby and Archie Harrison is finally here. The newborn is absolutely adorable and the fans can not wait to see more pictures of him.

The sleeping child Harry embraced on his debut at St. George's Hall at Windsor Castle will undoubtedly be loved by his entire family. He is precious and sweet, and we all know that Meghan and Harry will be great parents.

Fans are already speculating on when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will have their second child, though many thought Meghan would have twins before Archie was born. Why did so many people believe that the Duchess has more than one baby?

Twins Are Exciting

  Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle | Max Mumby / Indigo / Getty Images

We can imagine how exciting it would be if Meghan and Harry had come to the camera and had not one but two babies in their hands. It would have been such an amazing surprise, and there are not two people we can imagine who would be the better parents for two babies. Although we look forward to seeing little Archie grow up and achieve important milestones, the fans had to imagine how much fun it would be to see two children at the same time.

Faced with this Meghan, there were some favorable chances 37 years ago, the odds were slightly higher that she would give birth to twins. Often, when couples claim IVF or other fertility measures – there are no reports that confirm that the royal couple have gone that route – they become twins. And when there's a slight chance that a high-profile couple will experience something as exciting as twins, the news media will go wild. Everyone kept their fingers crossed, hoping that the odds were in Meghan's favor.

Meghan Markles baby bump seemed to grow overnight, in fact expecting a baby. Rumors are circulating, but it always takes a while for the message to be confirmed and we see a famous baby bump get bigger. Shortly after Meghan and Harry had shared the joyful news that they would become parents, Meghan's baby belly began to flower. It grew bigger and bigger and made many believe that she was pregnant with twins.

Prince Harry made an interesting comment

Even Harry knew that Meghan had a pretty big bump! At a royal event, he claimed that his unborn child was already quite heavy and the fans believed that he would keep a wonderful secret to himself. Most likely, people were waiting for the couple to reveal even more exciting news that it was not a baby but two.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Love Children

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex love children and have an amazing way to get in touch with them. Meghan and Harry sometimes even broke the royal record and hugged young royal fans. Children also love them and can be seen on photos with excited smiles if they have the honor to meet the royal couple.

Why did many believe that Meghan Markle has twins? World, then two can bring more. Given the signs, it was self-evident that there would be talk of twins. Although Meghan and Harry only welcomed one child this time, the world could not be happier for them. Maybe the couple will announce a second pregnancy in due course and the world will be alert again.

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