The Norwegian authorities are investigating why the cruise ship Viking Sky had sailed despite a weather warning, resulting in engine failure, Mayday call and evacuation from the air.

When Viking Cruises announced a cruise ship itinerary that would provide travelers with "the rare opportunity to explore the Norwegian winter in the north," it boasted "to be the first US cruise line to fly offers a complete length. " Journey at the polar circle in the winter season. "

The big attraction was what was going on in the sky, and in winter adventurous tourists travel to Norway to catch a glimpse of the northern lights, a magical natural light known as the Aurora Borealis.

But last week's passengers had experienced more than they had anticipated aboard a 12-day cruise on Viking Sky when the ship hit turbocharges in stormy seas, exhibited a May Day, evacuated about half of its passengers by helicopter, and finally limping into the nearby harbor of Molde, Norway, a crew member who spoke exclusively to USA TODAY and asked for anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly described a frightening torture of broken glass, an airborne piano, and the human chain of the crew to distribute lifejackets, as the ship has described as dangerous.

Exclusive: Crew member reports what happened on the Viking Sky cruise ship


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Last comment Experience raises the question of whether Viking was sufficiently prepared for unusual circumstances in the far north.

"The average ship will undergo dozens of announced and unannounced security inspections, covering hundreds of hours of work and covering thousands of specific requirements of the International Maritime Organization and Flag Nations around the world," said spokeswoman Sarah Kennedy for Cruise Lines International Association, it says in a statement sent to the US today.

Asked whether Viking Ocean Cruises has taken extra precautions to prepare for the winter weather ahead of the season, Viking spokesman Ian Jeffries told TODAY: "Viking Sky is a high-end ocean-going vessel It had two experienced Norwegian pilots on board to advise the captain. "

Norwegian authorities opened an investigation into the incident Monday

Viking Sky Cruise Timeline: A collapse of what we know

Will Viking continue winter travels in Norway?

The next scheduled voyage for the Viking Sky, a visit to Scandinavia and Germany expected to leave on Wednesday, has been canceled.

Viking Cruises was founded in 1997 as the Viking River Cruises, and the Oceans Division began operating on First Ship in 2015. The Viking Ocea The n-fleet consists of six identical ships, including one that will sail the Norway route in early 2020.


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passengers on such trips are veterans cruisers usually." These are passengers have completed 10 to 20 cruises with high-end lines. They are looking for other places where they can experience other cruises, "says Driscoll," which explains the assumption that cruises are made in Norway in winter to see the northern lights, even with the risk of rough seas. "

"Of course, nobody expected this incident," he adds, "but they knew that it was not the case of the Mediterranean in the summer. "

Driscoll says he doubts that Viking will take the same route next year." It would be silly if they ever wintered again in Norway. "

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