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Why do not you lose weight on the keto diet?

As ketogenic diets become more and more important, research shows what I see in my own practice: if done right, you'll get amazing and fast results in weight loss and more.

I had patients who lost 20, 30 or more pounds go keto. After this initial transition from burning sugar to fat (I'm talking more about potential challenges here, including keto flu), they have more energy, feel more mentally focused, and are no longer distracted by hunger and cravings that used to be the cause of fat loss And suddenly, without warning, they reached a plateau. The balance does not move. As a doctor specializing in gut health, nutrition and functional medicine, almost every patient I see will eventually hit a wall. They do everything "right" and yet the weight loss comes to a standstill. They feel stuck.

Then I switch to detective mode and find obstacles behind it that could hinder weight loss. Sometimes these roadblocks are obvious. Other times they need something slippery.

I see these obstacles more often in ketogenic diets compared to other plans. And I became curious why this is so.

These patients start off on keto diets at some point, but eventually hit a wall and fight to maintain that plan for the long term. The clue could be that the metabolism is flexible and varied in order to guess the body.

In my practice, I often see these 1

0 reasons why people do not lose weight in ketogenic diets. If you know exactly what might create obstacles, you can change the course and minimize its impact. Here are the reasons and how to fix them.

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