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Why do some people judge Prince Harry for taking paternity leave to help Meghan Markle?

It does not seem to matter what Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex are doing lately, the media are pouncing everywhere by breaking the rules or being annoying. Of course, Meghan gets the brunt of all the criticisms, even if you look refreshing from the American point of view refreshing rule-breaker looks.

Now Harry is suddenly criticized for choosing to take paternity leave to help with the early arrival of Baby Sussex. Why Harry is being criticized for that is a bit suspicious, considering that there has recently been a royal precedent. There is also a British law that allows this for everyone, even royals.

Most of the criticisms are from the older generation, who decades ago had not even thought of paternity leave.

Previously on Paternity Leave in the Royal Family

Harry's brother William took a short paternity leave when Kate Middleton gave birth to Charlotte in 201

5. At that time, William was still in the training for the helicopter of ambulance aircraft, although he had trained early enough to say goodbye. Although the leave is not paid, we all know that it does not matter in the world of royal finance.

The same goes for Harry, though older Brits follow him to follow in his brother's footsteps. Many of these older royal critics complain that it's a modern thing and tantamount to telling the younger royal families to get rid of their turf.

From the beginning it makes sense that older royal families would be critical of their longstanding tradition given their emotional commitment. More worryingly, some older Britons still do not accept the fact that today's royals are becoming almost normal people.

Is there poisonous masculinity by the Queen's spokesman?

We find it strange criticism came directly from a press spokeswoman for the Queen. Dickie Arbiter worked for the Royals, who declined decades ago, and made a brief remark about the generational gap in paternity leave.

If you come from the Queen's inner circle, ask yourself if she and Philip feel the same way when they take leave of royal duties. It seems they would not expect Harry to take a long time, as Arbiter suggests that it should only take two or three weeks.

At least he realizes that it's up to Harry how much time he needs. With the Snark in, we're wondering if the Royals want to pressure him to cut back on the time he may need to help Meghan through the chaos of baby media.

Some critics suggest that this is a sign of outdated toxic masculinity that we have seen more than our share here in America for decades.

We hope that Meghan is not behind the internal criticism.

Recently, Dickie Arbiter made another sarcastic comment on whether Harry felt better on one of his royal journeys alone. Many tugged at Arbiter for suggesting that Harry may not be happy when Meghan is around.

For some, a racial faction on Meghan Markle is hinted at. While he might jump the gun, he lets us wonder if Harry would ever get heat for his maternity leave if he married an Anglo-Saxon Brit.

With the alpha-male personality making up a large part of royal history, the tradition of breaking hard in Britain is a tradition. This makes Harry's good time spent with his first child all the more important in communicating the values ​​he and Meghan continue to share.

Take Time to Design the Ethics of Baby Sussex

  Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex | Mark Cuthbert / UK Press via Getty Images

While it is clear that the older and perhaps somewhat racist views of 20th-century Britain are still alive, this does mean that Baby Sussex is exposed to it in childhood. Let's hope that Harry takes the time he needs to make sure that his child does not have an extreme influence from this old school.

Most people agree with the trajectory the Royals now need to bring more grounded and socially responsible people into the world of the future family of the Windsor family.

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