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Why does France analyze black boxes of the Ethiopian jet?

France does not see an unusually large number of aviation disasters, but its plane crash investigators are world famous.

The French Aircraft Accident Investigation Authority, known by its French abbreviation BEA, is now looking at the analysis of the flight recorders on the Ethiopian Airlines plane, which crashed at the beginning of the week after launch and killed 157 people.

Ethiopian authorities demanded that European investigators do the analysis because of their complexity, said BEA spokesman Sebastien Barthe. They first asked for Germany, which did not have the necessary capacity, and so the Ethiopians turned to France, Barthe told The Associated Press.

And the BEA said yes.

Based in the Paris suburb of Le Bourget, the French agency has extensive experience investigating crashes and other incidents affecting commercial flights. The BEA is particularly helping with investigations in countries where black boxes, often referred to as black boxes, lack resources or equipment

. BEA investigators are also often called when an Airbus plane has a problem somewhere in the world because the aviation it's manufacturer is based in France. This time around, the plane was a Boeing whose popular model 737 Max 8 was grounded or blocked from airspace in more than 40 countries until the Sunday crash investigation was pending.

The BEA does not say how long it will take to analyze the recorders ̵

1; which are actually orange, despite their nickname. One collects data such as altitude and airspeed of the aircraft, while the other records the noise in the cockpit. The analysis usually takes days or weeks, depending on whether the recorders were damaged in the crash.

The French authorities insist that their investigations are not aimed at allowing blame, but at finding out what went wrong to make recommendations for improving the safety of the environment.

BEA's most important crash investigation was the collapse of a Germanwings plane in 2015, whose black boxes showed that the copilot deliberately hit the plane against a mountainside after taking the captain out of the cockpit. 19659003] The BEA also examined the flight recorders that were taken from the depths of the Atlantic two years after the crash of Rio-Paris Air France Flight 447. The investigation found that the speed sensors were freezing and causing confusion in the cockpit.

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