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Why drinking very hot tea can be bad for you, the study said

We do not want to say anything bad about tea. Brewing a cup of herbal tea may be the perfect solution to a range of ailments. A cup of green tea can be both the perfect time as 3pm. Pick-me-up and help alleviate our digestive problems. So how can it be harmful? Well, it turns out that the temperature of hot tea next to a burnt tongue could cause a problem.

A new study, published in the International Journal of Cancer found that people who drink steaming hot tea are at a hotter higher risk for esophageal cancer. Previous studies have linked hot drinks with esophageal cancer, but until then they have not indicated any particular temperature. The researchers of this new study decided to study and collect data on tea temperatures and the rate of esophageal cancer in 50,045 people in Iran for ten years.

They found that people who drank two cups of tea or more at a temperature of 1

40 degrees Fahrenheit or higher had a 90 percent increased risk of esophageal cancer compared to those who drank fewer cups and cooled tea had.

Before you drop your steaming cup of tea, you should know that a typical cup of tea was served in the United States, usually far below 149 degrees Fahrenheit. So there is a high chance that you will not normally expose yourself to extremely hot temperatures. The authors of the study, however, suggest waiting for a few minutes for the tea to cool down after it has started to boil, especially if you live in countries like Russia, Iran or Turkey, where tea is often much higher Temperatures is drunk I wonder if this recommendation should be generalized to all hot drinks. Researchers speculate that more research needs to be done to determine why hot tea is specifically associated with a risk of esophageal cancer, but it is likely to be related to the temperature of the hot liquid and therefore waiting for hot drinks to cool down. I'm sorry do not hurt.

We will not jump off the Teezug so fast, but it will take us a few minutes to get this first sip. Here's to cool!

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