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Why EA Ninja spent $ 1 million on "Apex Legends" was a smart move

The most popular new game of 2019 came as a complete surprise; Electronic Arts released "Apex Legends" on the same day it was announced on February 4, without pre-commercialization.

This is an incredibly brave step in the gambling industry, which usually builds the anticipation of a hot new title months in advance by spending millions of dollars on marketing campaigns.

Skipping the flash before the release was a gamble, but the creators of "Apex Legends" had a secret weapon: EA and developer Respawn Entertainment partnered with a group of popular pro players to help "Apex Legends" Directly for them to advertise massive online episodes during the first two days of the launch.

"Apex Legends" influences included Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, the world's most popular professional player, and other top video game streamers such as Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek, "Jack" CouRage "Dunlop and Herschel". Disrespectful "Beahm IV. An anonymous source told Reuters that Electronic Arts Ninja paid $ 1

million to join the Apex Affiliate Program, other affiliates were also paid, but their prices were not quoted.

Here was EA's decision to collaborate with influencers so smart:

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