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Why I just bought AirPods for Amazon Prime Day, although I do not need them & # 39;

Confession: I bought the Apple AirPods on Amazon Prime Day in 2019, although technically I do not need them . After all, I have the original AirPods from late 2017.

There are several reasons why I made the purchase today after much thought. Sure, it has new features like the non-contact "Hey Siri" and wireless charging. But the advantages that led me to the upgrade are low in comparison.

Here are three reasons why I bought new AirPods and how much I paid for them on Prime Day 2019.

. 1 AirPods on sale today for Amazon Prime Day

I've been waiting for the Amazon Prime Day 2019 to roll around to buy a ton of things. I mean, I rationed supplies like garbage bags, laundry detergents and even heavy sponges ̵

1; all for sale and finally bought today. I need new sunglasses, but have not gotten them until today. I ended up saving $ 50 on supplies.

The same intentional delay applied to & # 39; AirPods 2 & # 39; with wireless charging. I did not need them right away, so it made sense for me to pay $ 30 less for the wireless charging version 16 weeks after the first launch.

Here's how much they cost for sale in the US and in the UK.

Notice in the USA: I saved an additional $ 9.01 by selecting the option "No Express Shipping". Amazon does so for two reasons: AirPods will be very popular today, and all Amazon and UPS drivers will overload the shipping of all other products over the next two days. It gives them a respite when they bring out a popular product. For Amazon this must have a value of 9.01 USD.

The updated 2019 AirPods without wireless charging are still available today. They include the non-contact "Hey Siri" feature and a slightly longer battery life.

. 2 I sell my old AirPods while they have a value.

If I want to sell my AirPods, it must be 2019 to have anything of value. Over time, the battery life fails and the volume decreases. It's good enough for someone who has another or two years of fun (probably a family member, since I do not want to overwhelm a stranger for something that has a limited life).

I am firmly convinced that I want to get rid of old people tech to finance the purchase of new equipment. How to finance the purchase of the iPhone XS Max, the Apple Watch 3 and the MacBook Pro. Note: Get rid of things while still having value.

. 3 Boosting battery life is the main reason

My current AirPods from 2017 still hold about four hours between charges in my opinion. It's longer than other people I've talked to and have reported battery life issues.

If the battery life between charges is five hours, I get exactly what I need on longer cross-country flights. Someone in my family will be enough for four hours and finally three hours.

Other minor reasons why I bought AirPods

  • I've been using more wireless charging since launching the iPhone 8 with this feature. It's nice to just put it on a Qi charging mat and forget about it without having to plug a lighting cable into the AirPods case.
  • I do not expect the official & # 39; AirPods 2 & # 39; come on the market next year – at best. So now is the time to buy 2nd Generation AirPods. During their first big sale, but not right before the release date of AirPods 2.
  • I imagine that the function "Hey Siri" in New York is useful. The AirPod's microphone picks up speech better than other real wireless headphones I've tested. And I always carry things in my hands. Asking Siri to play a particular song freehand as she walks the streets of New York becomes, as Apple says, a bit magical.

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