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Why is downtime important for college life, and how can you make the most of it?


We all know how busy college life can get at times with classes and the social side of campus. Any woman who attends college in the US can relate to this! However, downtime is important for helping you de-stress. The great news is that there is more choice than ever now on how to kick back a little in your free time. Online casino real money play is something that many women can enjoy, provided that you are at college in a state that has legalized it.


What other leisure activities could you enjoy when taking five?



This may sound a strange one as you imagine needing to be awake for any activities you can do in your downtime. However, studies and a hectic social life can see you cutting sleep at times. This means that catching up on your rest is a great way to fill any spare time. Whether it is a quick power nap in between classes or a longer sleep if you have a free afternoon, making the decision to get extra rest in is a good one. Not only will you wake feeling more refreshed, but you will be full of energy again!


Play video games

We have already picked out online casino games as a great choice to relax with, but what about playing video games? Powerful new consoles such as the Xbox One X have awesome graphics, stunning sound and immersive gameplay. When you add in a great range of games across many genres to enjoy, it is easy to see why this is a great choice. If you want to connect with friends on campus or old girl pals from back home, you can even play online games on consoles, PCs and smartphones now. As more girls get into gaming, it is no longer something just for the boys!



Okay, the thought of working up a sweat may not be your first choice when you have a little free time, but it is something to seriously consider. Exercise will not only help to keep you in shape but will also boost your immune system and make you feel good. If you can find a few friends to do your sessions with, then it gets even more fun. Most colleges will have their own sports teams, so you could always join one of these if you like team games. If this is not your thing, then planning out a simple routine to complete in your room or around campus is a viable option.


Catch up on TV shows and movies

Another great way to make the most of your spare time is simply to relax with a TV boxset or new movie. Taking the time to just chill in this way is great for helping you recover from a busy day. It is also great for helping you catch any new shows or films that people are talking about. Whether you like horror, drama, action or romance, there is bound to be something for you on popular streaming services such as Netflix. If you also want to break out the latest Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor to do it with, all the better!


Learn to play an instrument

Although it can be nice to just chill in front of the TV when you have downtime, it can also be good to use it more productively. Learning an instrument is a great example of this and is something to think about. Not only will it give you a new skill to put on your resume, but it will also give you something relaxing to focus on away from your studies. Instruments do not have to cost a great deal or be very loud either – acoustic guitars, for example, can be picked up quite cheap second-hand and do not make lots of loud noise.


Make the most of your downtime

There is no doubt that free time is a key part of not only college life but also general life. The problem for most women though is that with so much to cram into our lives, we simply do not make the most of it. This is a real mistake as downtime is important for helping us to unwind, relax and simply have fun. If you are looking for ways to maximize your free time at college, then the above tips are worth thinking about.