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Why is Marvel so quiet because of & # 39; Avengers 5 & # 39;

Marvel's garbage dump at this year's Comic-Con went through details and excitement through the roof. For some, it may seem a little overwhelming, considering how many films and streaming shows are being produced in just two years.

Kevin Feige, however, wanted everyone to know when Avengers is coming 5 would ever be out. As we can see now, Phase 4 will be found everywhere in other superhero distractions, despite some notable differences.

Fig explained at Comic-Con why Avengers: Endgame lived up to its name. Not that we probably will not see the surviving Avengers again. However, there will be at least a two- to three-year breather, which is probably good for the cast.

Cowardly explanation behind & # 39; Endgame & # 39; as the final finale

  Kevin Feige
Kevin Feige | Albert L. Ortega / Getty Images

Everyone should have taken the title of Endgame seriously because Feige said at Comic-Con that the movie was meant to be a grand finale for the Avengers as we knew it , You can also look at it through a reality filter and say it was an opportunity to breathe the cast once and take turns playing in other films.

In an interview recently conducted by Robert Downey Jr., he spoke of the importance of "aesthetic distance," including Marvel films. He wanted to make it clear that playing Tony Stark / Iron Man in the last eleven years does not really represent his role.

There is no wiser philosophy than this to put MCU actors on the right path towards reality. It must have been a challenge to experience the real life when you spent an incredible amount of time with a Marvel set over the past decade.

Not that all actors absolutely want the break. Chris Hemsworth has noted that he intends to continue to play Thor, and he will do so in the Love and Thunder with Natalie Portman

. Will the new superhero variety make fans happy or frustrated?

As everyone has seen, the film for the fourth phase of The Eternal is moved to Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings at the Comic-Con. Of course, when you add the movie Black Widow and the spinoff Thor fans still get a taste of at least two of the Avengers.

Black Widow (with Scarlett Johansson) is obviously completely shot in Flashback. It is also expected that Natalie Portman's Jane Foster in Love and Thunder will play a more central role over Hemsworth's Thor.

Some fans were somewhat disappointed, the promised sequel to Black Panther plus one for Captain Marvel and Guardians of the Galaxy will not be released until 2021.

On the other hand, the strategy has logic, considering that Marvel obviously does not want Phase Four to look like a sea of ​​sequels. Two years are no longer a long wait. We can assume that phase 5 in 2022 will be much faster than the transitions with the previous phases.

Now we wait to see if the original Avengers will ever return A Marvel movie, a superhero who is handicapped, and a movie anchored by an Asian superhero The MCU is one of the most powerful film companies in the world ( if not the most powerful). It would be crazy to think that the previous actors would never want to return to their superhero roles later.

Let's think about it Most of them will inevitably do so unless they are committed to another franchise in a different location. Anyway, it's still up in the air when people like Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Elizabeth Olsen, et. Return in any form. Robert Downey Jr. is also a big question mark, based on his recent hints of wanting to move on.

In a world that is already too fast apart from political news and everything else, Marvel has probably done a real cinematic service by avenging most of the Avengers for at least three years … now the equivalent of 10 .

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