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Why is the Last Four Court elevated?

The court of the Final Four is not on site. During the weekend games in San Antonio – or Final Four games every other year – you can see crowds thronging the field.

Why is the court elevated?

Final Fours are not found in regular, old basketball arenas. They are played in football stadiums that are much bigger. A football field is 120 yards long, and the stadium's typical seating is designed to work for a 120-yard field. A college basketball court is 94 feet long or about 31 feet. If the NCAA decided to leave the stadium's seats just as they normally would, we would look at a tiny patch of a court in the middle of a huge field. There would be a lot of wasted space between the court and the front row of the bleachers.

Of course you were able to put on a basketball game on a soccer field without increasing the pitch. But raising the place improves the line of sight. Players on the benches and media representatives sitting at the marketer's table can get in the way of some people's views, and if everyone is under the board, it's easier for others to see them.

The soil is usually waist-high for a person standing on the field level. A ground technician who has previously worked on these courts also says that player safety matters.

It is impossible to say definitively if the courts help players to stay safe. Theoretically, it limits people to court, which gives players less chance of encountering it.

But when Louisville Kevin Ware suffered a cruel leg injury on a raised place in the 201

3 NCAA tournament, it sure looked as if he was trying to keep himself out of the game (and over the edge of the court) as he did came down after jumping to close against a three-pointer.

A connection between the elevated court and Wares injury has never been proven, but it's not hard to imagine how players would run and jump on a well-located course at full speed could be dangerous.

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