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Why it was already clear that Hillary Clinton would not run anymore (Note: It is a senator)

J Unknown to Podesta's heartbreaking Tuesday night, he definitely stated that twice-doubled presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is not aiming for a hat-trick in 2020.

That was obvious on January 15th. But it's nice to hear President Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign say it out loud.

"She does not run for the president," Podesta told CNN's Erin Burnett. "She would have been a great president, but that's in the past."

"She says she is not running, I take her at my word," he said, adding that the Democratic Party "has a lot of great candidates at the moment, and I think the Democratic primary will be a vivacious one , with many great ideas. ".

And with a performance on CNN, Podesta may have calmed down the persistent rumors that Clinton is seriously considering a comeback for 2020.

But Podesta's word was superfluous, even before his appearance at CNN this was clearly the candidate The Democrats for 201

6 had no intention of running for president again, in fact, a few weeks ago, there was an important indicator that signaled this as well, as Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, DN.Y., 19659002] Gillibrand would never run if she did not directly or indirectly knowing that the Clintons themselves had no intention of running, she is where she is now because of the Clintons, the first first family practically gave her the Senate seat, all tied with a bow, Gillibrand is her department and the Clintons are their patrons, both playing the role.

True, Gillibrand had split from the first first family in 2017, when she tried to engage with the #Metoo crowd by throwing Bill Clinton under the bus. Since then, the senator has tried to correct this misstep. After a quick accusation from the Clinton loyalists, the Senator returned to her original method to answer questions about the former President's history of sexual abuse, meaning that the conversation should literally be diverted in any other direction.

To put it as clearly as possible: Gillibrand would not dare to run against Clinton's massive, deep-rooted and well-funded political machine, which made her career as a Senate. She is still faithful, and her 2017 remarks were a one-time function.

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