Kanye West is not the only member of the Kardashian clan that becomes political. Kim Kardashian is reportedly working with Jared Kushner on a possible pardon for a nonviolent drug addict. Nathan Rousseau Smith reports.

Kim Kardashian West caused a sensation in the White House on Wednesday.

TV star met with officials, including Jared Kushner and possibly President Trump, one such source who is familiar with the situation but not authorized to speak publicly.

Kardashian West, dressed all in black with bright yellow pumps, hit late Wednesday afternoon with her lawyer, lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley, at the security gate.

But what ver got the pop culture figure to move to the capital of the country? Prison reform.

"She has agreed to join us in the prison reform, and we will address anyone who wants to get involved," the source told USA TODAY.

During the meeting, Kardashian West was to appeal for the release of 62-year-old Alice Marie Johnson, who was serving a life sentence for a first non-violent Drug crime takes place. She shared her support of Johnson on social media and called the conviction "so unfair" on Twitter in October .

Although Kardashian West did not confirm the meeting, she tweeted a birthday message for Johnson Wednesday.

"Happy Birthday Alice Marie Johnson," she wrote. "Today is for you."

Johnson's story became viral, also thanks to a mic video interview that reached over 4.1 million views. A petition calling on President Trump to pardon Johnson nearly reached his goal of receiving 300,000 signatures on Wednesday.

Kardashian West, who quoted 's video as Johnson discovered it, also helped the case reach a wider audience.

Kushner has concentrated on reforming the prison system since joining the administration. He was involved in the First Step Act, which aims to expand programs for prisoners and enable more home work. The act was approved by the House of Representatives earlier this month.

A pardon or conversion for Johnson is unlikely today, even though the president has not made a decision.

Kardashian West assisted Hillary Clinton during the presidential race of 2016, but recently her husband Kanye West has tweeted his support for Trump.

The rapper met Trump in December 2016 during a visit to the Trump Tower in New York. Trump introduced herself after her meeting with West and called him a "good man" with whom he talked about "life."

Kanye had previously stated his loyalty to Trump last month.


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