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Why McDonald's turned his drive-thru menu into a device that resembles Amazon Alexa

McDonald's (MCD) has mastered the integration of artificial intelligence into its all-important drive-thru strategy.

And investors should welcome the tech infusion.

Over the past six months, the Golden Arches have jumped two tech startups that help make the McDonald's menu bar a giant device that resembles Amazon Alexa. McDonalds on Tuesday agreed to acquire early-stage technology-based technology company Apprente. Tech startup technology means that when you order a McDonald's Drive Thru, consumers end up talking to a machine rather than a human being.

In late March, McDonald's acquired Dynamic Yield. The technology creates suggestions for the Drive-Thru menu bar based on time of day, weather, current restaurant traffic, and trend orders. McDonald's plans to bring the technology to more than 14,000 locations in the US and Australia by the end of the year.

According to Yahoo Finance experts, the technical takeovers are very logically 70% of the total business. It is becoming an increasingly important sales driver as people are in a hurry to get out of their cars to collect food. So the drive-thru ordering process needs to be pinpointed, otherwise McDonald's risks returning to its dark days of low-traffic.

"It makes sense to reduce bottlenecks at the time of ordering," says veteran restaurant analyst Peter Saleh of BTIG reports to Yahoo Finance on the purchase of Apprente. Saleh said this should boost consumer perceptions of McDonald's dining experience. And there is the potential to increase the number of visitors to the restaurant giant.

In the meantime, Dynamic Yield technology should help increase the average amount each consumer buys per visit, Saleh thinks.

Ahead of the Competitors [19659010] McDonald's complete takeover of these tech outfits gives them above all a competitive advantage over others in the fast food sector. In fact, McDonald's has advanced technologies that do not force competitors either to develop them themselves or to find second-level acquisitions – both costly and risky.

According to Saleh, McDonald's strong financial position may allow them to pull the trigger for these technologies purchases.

Visiting the McDonald's Menu in Williamsville, NY (AP Photo / David Duprey)

McDonald & McDonald & McDonald & McDonald # 39; s progress year on accelerating its often crowded drive-thru. The company has reduced the number of menu items and retrained employees to reduce the average transit time to 30 seconds. It's unclear if McDonald's has reached that magical time yet, but she's moving in that direction.

"We see almost all of our major international markets, especially here in the US, take off," McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook told analysts on the second-quarter earnings call.

Tech will do the rest.

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