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Why Meghan Markle's everlasting smile is not a fake

These days, many pictures of Meghan Markle seem to be appearing on social media, in the news and on the Internet. One thing about the Duchess of Sussex is that she always seems extraordinarily happy.

Whether she's taking care of royal duties, joining her sister-in-law Kate Middleton at Wimbledon, or just going to a pub with Prince Harry, we can always count on seeing Duchess Meghan with a huge smile on her face , Many people may assume that their smile is an act for the cameras. After all, she knows with certainty that as one of the most famous and fascinating women in the world, the flashlights will go out in their hundreds as soon as she goes anywhere.

As it turns out, Markle's happiness is not just an act, it's truly sincere. So how do we know that Markle's eternal smile is not wrong?

Meghan Markle's Life is Busy

  Meghan Markle attends a reception to celebrate the important business and investment relationship between Britain and South Africa.
Meghan Markle | Karwai Tang / WireImage

As a member of the Royal Family – as well as a humanitarian and feminist employee enthusiastic about her work – we definitely wonder if Markle ever has time for herself. In addition to all her royal duties, she is also a young mother who pays much attention to baby Archie Harrison.

According to Express, the days of Duchess Meghan are very busy. She wakes up daily at 4.30 am and sets off immediately. So, what does the duchess do to fill her time? Regimented Markle begins the day with a year-long yoga routine followed by a wholesome breakfast, and she believes the early morning sets "the tone for the rest of the day".

After that, there are definitely some other things on the Duchess' schedule. It's all about Archie's diet and still manages to accomplish so much throughout the day.

Meghan Markle enjoys reflection and meditation

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has come to an end, but the Duke and Duchess have been on incredible ten days in South Africa, Botswana, Angola and Malawi. Thank you for joining! The journey of her Royal Highness took her over 24,000 kilometers through southern Africa, where she was greeted by so many amazing people on her way. They witnessed the great partnership between the UK and Africa, meeting with local community groups, leaders, as well as youth and elders, who all provided knowledge and inspiration. On the last day of the tour, the Duchess said, "Please know that you have given us all so much inspiration and hope – and most of all, that you have given us pleasure." • During their tour, the Duke and Duchess have revealed Three New Queens Commonwealth Canopy projects for protecting forests and planting trees. In partnership with the UK Government, GBP 8m of investment in technology and expertise in the region has been announced. The Duke traveled to Angola to focus on the ongoing mission to rid the world of land mines, an extension of the work done by his mother Diana, Princess of Wales. The Duchess announced gender grants from the Association of Commonwealth Universities to improve women's access to higher education and four scholarships for students studying throughout the Commonwealth. During this trip they were able to participate in an important and important discussion on the rights of women and girls – not only in southern Africa but also worldwide. Throughout the visit, the Duke and Duchess were impressed by the spirit and generosity of each community they visited. Speaking to young entrepreneurs in Tembisa, a community in Johannesburg, the Duke said, "When I raise my own son, I want to make sure that what I've learned here – the value of the natural world, the value of the community and of friendship – is something that I can pass on to him. "• Many thanks to all who have supported from afar, and to all those who followed on the way! We hope you enjoy this trailer video for a wonderful song by The Soweto Gospel Choir, a favorite of The Duke and Duchess. Video © ️ SussexRoyal

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One of the reasons why Markle always looks relaxed and laid-back is due her love for reflection and meditation. She is not the one who rushes through the day, ticking off tasks and getting overwhelmed.

Express reports that Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry recently revealed what they do at bedtime at the end of each day, and that's a nice, quiet reflection and meditation. Why do you find this activity so important? It's because they feel it helps them to be really happy.

In fact, Markle once shared in her now-closed blog, the Tig, that she has always been a big fan of meditation. During their royal journey through Africa, the Duke and Duchess could even participate in Power Hand, a form of mediation presented to them. Power Hand promotes serenity and positive thinking and should also reduce stress.

Why the eternal smile of Meghan Markle is not fake

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Hello Malawi, South Africa is calling! Another unbelievable day at #RoyalVisitAfrica when The Duke arrived in Malawi. The Duchess accompanied him on Skype to talk to women and girls who went to school with the support of CAMA and @camfed. The Duke then met President Peter Mutharika and thanked him for the wonderful welcome in his country. Today, the Duchess of Sussex has teamed up with Nalikule College in Lilongwe to join The Duke and an amazing group of women who attended school through help @ camfed and the 20-year alumni network CAMA. These CAMA women are part of a large network across Africa that has 140,000 members and 17,500 in Malawi alone. These positive female role models, leaders and entrepreneurs, are working to lift their communities out of poverty. The money distributed by CAMA goes directly to each of their graduates, who then use their own resources to support three more children to attend school. Together with the support of @Queens_Commonwealth_Trust, CAMA and @camfed are changing the lives of many young girls through education and empowerment. As President and Vice President of QCT, Duke and Duchess believe in the power of education to empower young girls and transform society at large. #RoyalVisitMalawi #RoyalVisitSouthAfrica Video © ️SussexRoyal

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Because if someone is really happy inside, As Markle is, it definitely shows. The interest in meditation helped Duchess Meghan find a new level of happiness she had been able to maintain for years.

Add that she is married to someone she loves deeply, has a beautiful new boy and a passion for everything she does, and Markle can not help but smile. Her constant smile is definitely not just for the cameras, we not only love to see her so happy, but we also adore her beautiful smile.

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