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Why Michaela Coel feels very little pressure that people like the show

Just over a month has passed since the latest series by Michaela Coel I can destroy you Premiere on HBO. Nevertheless, the show has already become a sensation. Intelligent humor is compared to nerve-wracking moments as the audience watches how the main character Arabella (played by Coel himself) copes with the aftermath of sexual assault.

I can destroy you creator Michaela Coel
Michaela Coel | David M. Benett / Dave Benett / Getty Images for Hearst Magazine

Coel fans will know that I can destroy you is deeply personal to the actor. Like their previous show, chewing gumCoel was inspired by her personal life for the premise I can destroy you. But although Coel has invested so much of her life in the HBO drama, she has shown that she doesn’t care too much about how the show is received. In fact, the 32-year-old has a mantra not to get too involved with how others think about the show.

Michaela Coel has a mantra about “I can destroy you”

“I tell myself this because it helps me to stay calm. That means: ‘You have done the job, you have done your job and now that it is broadcast, your job is done. ‘And it’s done. So I’ve spent my whole life in these two and a half years, and then I have to leave it there. Because I see that as my child and I can’t force anyone to like my child. I have given my best. I ironed her skirt. I braided her hair. She leaves and there is nothing I can do. But deep down you’re in total fear, but there’s nothing you can do, ”Coel recently revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

In the age of social media, however, it is difficult for Coel to completely avoid reactions to them I can destroy you. Although Coel is limiting her time on the internet, the interviews she has recently conducted has shown how many people are responding to her show. The reaction was quick and overwhelming for Coel, especially given the speed at which everything happened.

Coel is overwhelmed by the positive reaction to the HBO series

“I actually cried because it’s pretty overwhelming, especially when you work so hard that you don’t think and process often. We only finished post-production two weeks ago, so I just finished the job, so I haven’t had time to really process anything, ”said Coel of the overwhelmingly positive response I can destroy you has triggered.

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Now that it’s clear that Coel has another punch on the hands, a lot of fans of I can destroy you wondering what’s next for the talented writer. At the moment, Coel is not concentrating on creating, but is taking care of itself. For the foreseeable future, Coel is going to take a well-deserved vacation to prioritize himself and her needs and to spend time with friends and family.

What’s next for the actor and creator of “I May Destroy You”?

“My mental health needs a little break so that I can see my family and friends. Because I work so much that I really don’t see people and I’m always lucky that my friends and family are waiting for me to ask after the project is over, are you back? Now I have to experience my life as a friend and aunt – I have a little niece – and I only want to do that for a while and collect myself again, ”said Coel. We recommend Coel to take time for himself. I can destroy you has helped so many people, it’s great that Coel is now focused on helping themselves.

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