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Why Microsoft believes in cross-gen and no exclusivity for Xbox Series X.

With the launch of next generation consoles later this year, Microsoft and Sony are heralding the next era of gaming. Companies have slightly different approaches. Sony has announced that it will release PS5-exclusive titles immediately, while Microsoft has talked about it repeatedly Not Do this with the Xbox Series X and instead launch titles for the entire device family.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer told GI.biz he was passionate about it because he wanted Microsoft games to be available to people regardless of their device. Forcing people to buy new hardware contradicts the spirit of gaming, Spencer said.

“As a player, you̵

7;re the focus of our strategy,” said Spencer. “Our device is not the center of our strategy, our game is not the center of strategy. We want you to be able to play the games you want to play on any device with the friends you want to play with. On TV the Xbox console will be the best way to play console games. “

The X Series is the most powerful console Microsoft has ever made, and people who play games on this system will experience the “best version” of Microsoft games when it comes to fidelity and performance, Spencer said. That being said, Spencer said he didn’t want to exclude anyone from Microsoft’s games, so the company would continue to release new games on regular Xbox One and PC.

“Playing is about entertainment, community and distraction, and learning new stories and perspectives, and I think that is completely at odds with what playing has to say. Part of it is the people of it to stop being able to experience these games, “said Spencer. “Or to force someone to buy my special device the day I want them to buy it to participate in what gaming is all about.”

“Gaming is bigger than any other device and this is an industry that we have all embraced as we have more and more players involved. I think it is critical to the role that gaming can play on the planet.”

The difference in policies between Sony and Microsoft in this regard has led audiences to criticize Microsoft for “holding back” the performance of new games to adapt to older hardware. Spencer thinks this is nonsense – just look at the PC market, he said.

“Frankly, withholding is a meme created by people who are too involved in equipment competition,” said Spencer. “I’m just looking at Windows. It’s almost certain that the developer will make a Windows version of their game. The most powerful version with the highest fidelity is the PC version. You can even see this on some of our first-party console games for PC , even from our competitors, the PC version is the richest version, yet the PC ecosystem is the most diverse in terms of hardware when you think of the CPUs and GPUs from years ago that existed. “

With Xbox Game Pass and xCloud, you don’t even have to buy an Xbox model from Microsoft to become an Xbox user.

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