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Why Sarah Paulson calls “American Horror Story” the “greatest gift”

Let’s be honest American horror story Fans can’t imagine the FX anthology series without Sarah Paulson. The actor appeared eight out of nine seasons and only left out 1984. Now she’s coming back in season 10. But why does that do that? Ratchet Star continue to return? Paulson recently shared why AHS is the “greatest gift” for your career.

Sarah Paulson will appear in nine seasons of ‘American Horror Story’ after season 10

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Paulson may have starred in eight seasons of American horror story, but she has played over 10 different characters from Murder Houseis Billie Dean Howard too ApocalypseWilhemina Venable. And as mentioned earlier, the actor will be returning for AHS Season 10.

“I can confirm that I’ll be next season,” Paulson told The Wrap in January 2020. “I have no idea what it will be.” But I’m not coming back as a guest. I will be a central figure. “

Paulson will also direct AHS Spinoff series. However, the actor doesn’t know if she will appear on the new show. But it seems like she still treads on the plate when asked.

“There is no American horror story Spin-off, movie, game, projection from space that I wouldn’t want to be a part of if I could, ”Paulson told The Hollywood Reporter in May.

Sarah Paulson discusses her work on ‘American Horror Story’

Actor Sarah Paulson visits FX's
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Since she did American horror story Debut, Paulson has pursued other projects. However, she always returns to the FX series. When Paulson spoke to Harper’s BAZAAR in September 2020, he announced AHS remains the “greatest gift” of her career as fans can see her in various roles.

“The greatest gift I have ever received in my professional life was what I got myself into American horror story made my relationship with an audience legal, ”she said. “You don’t expect anything special from me. That gave me a lot of freedom. “

Well, Paulson’s comments may come as no surprise. The 45-year-old spoke to GQ as early as 2019 and delved into the why AHS allows her more creative freedom. She noted that actors are often typed in long-running shows. But that doesn’t happen with the show that Ryan Murphy helped create.

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Paulson said:

If you’ve been on a show for seven or eight years playing the same character that people love and you’ve tried. Step out of the game as an actor and play something else in a movie or other TV show. Sometimes the audience is very protective. And they resist it.

While on American horror storyI’ve played so many different roles. And it’s part of what the audience likes about the show when all the different actors do different things every year. I think it allows for more elastic creativity and a willingness on their part to buy it when we play something else. You’re done with that. And hopefully that means I can work at my point in a way that could be more difficult if given a specific job.

Right now it’s clear Paulson will keep in touch with him American horror story Universe. She is ready to go back AHS Season 10 and plans to lead the upcoming split. But whatever happens, we’re excited to see where Paulson’s career takes her next.

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