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Why should not you use the gentle cycle of your washing machine?

It consumes twice as much water and releases 800,000 more plastic microparticles per charge than a normal cycle. If the gentle cycle is used, it will give much more water into a washing machine than a normal wash (up to twice as much). However, Newcastle University researchers have found that this releases an average of 800,000 more microfibers per charge than a normal wash cycle.

The finding is not intuitive and contradicts the advice given to homeowners so far. Lead researcher and graduate student Max Kelly said in a press release how his results published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology differ from earlier experiments:

"Earlier research suggested the speed of the drum The frequency at which the direction of rotation changes during a cycle and the length of the breaks in the cycle, referred to as machine movement, are the most important factor in the amount of microfiber released.

"But we have shown Microfiber release is greatest even with less movement at higher water volume-to-mass ratios because the high volume of water actually tugs in a delicate cycle designed to protect delicate clothing from damage "Remove more fibers from the material." [1

9659004] If these fibers are made of polyester, nylon and acrylic They are more of a problem as they wash out in waters, lakes and oceans. Most washing machines are not equipped to filter out the small particles. and because they consist of chemically loaded, non-biodegradable plastic, the particles can enter the food chain and poison them. The polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) that adhere to the particles are worrying and could help spread viruses and diseases in marine environments.

The Guardian reported in 2016, "The size of the fibers also allows them to be easily spread. These synthetic fibers can bioaccumulate and accumulate toxins in the bodies of larger animals higher up the food chain."

This discovery should convince you not to use the sensitive circuit anymore, but rather stick to a regular cycle whenever possible. Buy a heavy-duty washer and make sure it's full before you run a load.

It consumes twice as much water and releases 800,000 plastic microparticles per charge more than a normal cycle.

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