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Why show haters misunderstood it

Yesterday it was announced that the upcoming season of The Big Bang Theory will be the twelfth and final season of the comedy on air.

The sitcom has been one of the most popular shows on television for many years, whether you like it or not, and it's pretty clear many do not. What is less understood is exactly why. Especially in this case, it seems that the loudest critics have seen the fewest episodes.

I am a great advocate of the watch, what you want to see, and avoid what you do not see. But I do not quite understand why the news of the show's final drew so much celebration

. What exactly did The Big Bang Theory ever do to you? It's probably one of the most innocent programs out there because it's not offensive. Sure, it had its moments and its jokes could be outdated, but I promise you The office has more of it.

A few weeks ago people blew themselves up over Netflix's "Dark Comedy" Insatiable she accused her of being shamed and started shutting down petitions before there was nothing more than a two-minute trailer on the Internet. And even this show deserves to be released, though it's certainly riddled with many more topics than Big Bang .

There is a sweet and simple way to TBBT. The jokes could trigger eye rolls and the laughter of the studio crowd may not be music in your ears, but this show does not go out of its way to be annoying or offensive in a way that is decidedly political, racist, homophobic or sexist is comedy trying to be provocative.

It's a show about a group of "nerds" yes, but they're also consummate scientists and parents and loyal friends. Of course, the loudest Big Bang Theory critics are the ones who protect themselves a lot from the nerd culture that goes along with their own problems anyway.

It's too bad to not feel like TV characters represent you. But for the majority of America they do. And that's really to your advantage ̵

1; viewers now realize that nerds can be fun and charming, not just stuff stuffing.

The show has shown nerd culture just as it has exploded in the last 10 years. The characters, who may have only begun to identify themselves as part of a subculture, are now the mainstream: they visit conventions, they line up for the opening night of Star Wars films, and they're crazy about Spoilers on Twitter along with many, many others who do that in real life.

In fact, and you'll hate this one here, these characters would scoff at the idea of ​​. The Big Bang Theory together with you!

There will be hundreds of shows that you do not represent for you, no matter how you identify yourself, and only a few that you can connect to. And that's okay, but stop the things that you think they do not represent you, because they mean a lot to someone else: in this case maybe scientists, especially the females, and yes, even choose nerds. 19659002] Television critics are often quick The Big Bang Theory also fired, believing that they have a taste that is just too good for this show because they did not reinvent the sitcom or really served as a revolutionary program has in her multi-camera design.

You're right about seeing better things, but they're wrong if they think this show is not important to people, that it serves no purpose, and that's not high quality entertainment for millions. You do not have to be careful, but it is not necessary to judge those who do it.

While the sitcom has never diagnosed the brilliant but disgusting Sheldon (Jim Parsons) as Asperger's Syndrome, which many speculate, it shows clear signs that they are on the spectrum that many families either fight with or learn from this character.

Desperately seeking young women interested in science and engineering careers, this exhibition has highlighted several intelligent women in these same jobs, who even show that they can be smart at work and still find love (when also with dumbbells) and are generally dynamic characters.

Even Penny (Kaley Cuoco), a figure we had designed to be low hopes on, has become a sensible, smart woman – often the smartest of the group when it comes to basic human interactions (not to mention , Cuoco is a fantastic comedic actress).

Many people enjoy this show. Are you stupid for that? Or are they just diligent people who end their day with a light laugh? Once again, The Big Bang Theory does not change the television landscape, and believe it or not, that's a big reason why many people enjoy this show.

It can be silly and stupid from episode to episode. but I would be lying if I did not admit that I understood from this show and not from a science course what Schrödinger's cat is – and I'm not alone.

Just stop cheering for a show Watch and do not judge the people who do it. Is not that a big nuisance to the "enthusiastic fans" of nerd cultural projects and yet it is those who perpetuate it? This is really a true Bazinga.

This story originally appeared on Decider and is here published with permission.

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