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Why the botched primary school in New York became a nightmare in November

Frederic M. Umane, the secretary of the board, defended the electoral process and called the voting process “slow, but precise and open”.

He said the operation of the board was badly affected by the outbreak.

“Our employees were decimated by Covid,” Umane said, noting that the board had around 350 full-time and other agency workers, many of whom were ill and unable to work before primary school.

Mr. Umane said the board may need hundreds more workers for the November election.

The primaries were held across the state, but New York City seemed to be facing the biggest problems, also because there were many highly competitive races and significant turnout.

Mr Cuomo, a third-term democrat, admitted last week that the area code was incorrect. He compared mail-in coordination with other “systems we were working on but were not yet ready for”, such as distance learning and telemedicine, and suggested the problem was local.

“We had – not we – election boards had operational problems, some better, some worse, and they have to learn from them,” said Cuomo. “And we want to get the lessons and improve the system and improve it for November.”

A person who was familiar with the internal functioning of the city’s electoral agency, but was not authorized to speak on file, said that increasing the number of postal ballot papers caused enormous problems for the agency.

“Imagine you say,” I have a dinner party for 10 people, “and then they say,” No, there are 100 people, “said the person.” It’s a very deep learning curve. “

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