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Why the latest iPhone hack should worry you no matter what phone you use

Google's Project Zero team dropped a blog post bomb stating that malicious sites have hacked iPhones since years when someone using one simply visited them. The details are interesting if you deal with information security. Most importantly, hackers could use iOS's various security levels to gain access to private data such as photos, passwords, and databases for encrypted messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and iMessage. Again, a user just had to visit a website.

We only hear of an exploit when intercepted.

Apple immediately corrected the vulnerabilities used for these exploits after Google notified them of the findings in February. but still. This took over two years and nobody knew anything except the people involved in the theft of personal data from "thousands of visitors per week". Yikes.

I know that almost everyone who reads this uses an Android phone and is probably not affected in any way. At least you hope that you were not affected. The scary truth is that there are likely to be other "hacks" in the wild that work in a very similar way and that your phone is vulnerable.

Hackers (the evil hackers) are not worried about what kind of phone you are using. It may well happen that iPhone users tend to have more disposable income and are a "better" target when it comes to money theft. However, it is more important to meet as many people as possible when trying to steal data. In the US, about half of all people use a smartphone with an iPhone, about half an Android. Doctors, lawyers and celebrities also use Android phones. Your passwords, message databases, and photos are just as interesting to a hacker.

Android phones are just like iPhones filled with juicy data.

There are not many people who find and write such attacks. Thank God. There are not many people who try to find and repair them. And unfortunately we can not do much about it.

If you know how to use a proxy service and search on-line links (and no, I will not help you there), you can find places online that are helpful in this regard Sell packages that you can use to attack smartphones , The easier it is to infect or influence a phone, the higher the price, and something as automatic as this latest iOS hack, which also affects the latest version, is very expensive. But people still buy them because it pays to spend more than $ 3 million on them if you have enough infected phones. If you can steal a dollar from 3.1 million users, you've just made a decent profit.

All this should occupy you. It does not matter if you're the type who uses a strong password everywhere and religiously encrypts and locks all your devices, or if you're the type who does not even use a lock screen and all your passwords are "password." You are on the Internet right now, and there is no guarantee that you will not find a page that has this type of malware embedded. You should use secure methods by only following links that you trust, but malware is like love and finds a way.

You do not have to worry about online security, but you should at least take care of it.

I will not suggest that we return to a glorious age where no business was done online and risky photos were all taken from Polaroid instant cameras. And you do not have to wear an aluminum foil hat and think that someone will call you every time you pick up your phone. However, you should take a little care about safety. Use a company's track record in terms of security if you buy something that can connect to the Internet, and abide by the rules, such as: Fi.

Remember, this is not the only exploit of this kind out there in the wild. only the one was caught.

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