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Why Yankees have been waiting so long to act for Andrew McCutchen on how Deal went

NEW YORK – Andrew McCutchen was a Giants outsider last Thursday and enjoyed a rare day in San Francisco with his boy and his nine-month-old son when he first got a hint that the Yankees were trying to trade for him before midnight on August 31st.

"We were in a Starbucks and I got the call that there was a possibility that this could happen," the five-time All-Star and former NL MVP said Saturday before debuting with the Yankees in a 2: 1 Victory over the Detroit Tigers. "It was not carved in stone, but there was a possibility." That was probably around 3 o'clock in San Francisco, so it was 6 o'clock here (in New York). So I did not want my coffee right away. My stomach started to spin a bit, then he just waited … waiting for a call. McCutchen does not know the Yankees GM Brian Cashman was keen to get him for a few weeks, but had to wait until the Giants relinquished him, which basically meant giving up the season.

McCutchen had heard that he had clarified last week (because he was about $ 2.5 million, which rose to a six-year contract of $ 51

.5 million that year is, remained), but he did not know that the Yankees called immediately or that the Giants decided to wait a little longer (19659002) After a long wait and some negotiations between Cashman and Giants GM Bobby Evans, the deal came together on Thursday night – McCutchen was exchanged for Triple A infielder against the Yankees Abiatal Avelino and short season A ball right Juan De Paula – and that was announced on Friday morning.

Despite reports that a On Thursday night a deal was made, McCutchen did not know for sure until he got a call on Friday morning. He drove to New York later that day, then debuted on Saturday and went from 0 to 3 with two strikeouts and a pitch.

Here's Cashman's trading details for McCutchen, who is the right field for the Yankees will play until Aaron Judge returns one day from a broken wrist in September and is then probably platooned with Brett Gardner in the left field.

"We have this outfield situation as a window for Aaron Judge and (injured outfielder) Clint reinforced Frazier were much longer than expected, which of course only after the expiration of the first trading period (on July 31) felt.

"We were pretty active in the waiver process, but to no avail. Many people have taken boys off the board because we have the second best record in the game. Things did not come to us.

"McCutchen was likely to give up about a week ago – he was not someone who was involved in the first three weeks (August) – the Giants were apparently fighting or trying to fight, so you made a strategic decision to join They stopped him last week, he cleared up, and immediately after the waiver process, I talked to Bobby Evans and told him we'd be interested in adding McCutchen if we could pick up the financials and a player -Match.

"I think that during this process (the Giants) won five out of six, so there was some hesitation about them, whether they were willing to do something or not and see how things played off. It was when they lost a game in a head-to-head game against Arizona (last night on Wednesday) that pushed them back a bit (in the table) and they had an injury to their midfielder and (19659002) " Obviously, (McCutchen) was a player targeted under our circumstances, hoping we could find a way to match up with the Giants, where we do not stumble upon our luxury tax and get in the game (we) Being able to live with them, to separate time satisfies their needs and enables them to decide: "Alright, we'll do it" … it was a long week, but I'm glad that it went that way. "

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