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Widow of Nobel Peace Laureate Liu Xiaobo leaves China

His wife had been under house arrest to varying degrees since his Nobel victory in 2010, and was even prevented from leaving the country for medical treatment.

She left China on Tuesday for Berlin, Germany, her brother Liu Hui said in a message to friends who shared with CNN. Several sources confirmed that Liu Xia had left the country.

& # 39; Lighter life than dying & # 39;

In May, Liu Xia sent a desperate cry for help and said there was "nothing in the world for me".

"It's easier to die than to live, it's not easier for me to use death to fight back," she said in a statement posted by a longtime friend on Facebook.

In a seven-minute recording of a phone call on April 8 from Liao Yiwu ̵

1; a dissident in Germany – Liu Xia, whom friends say has been suffering from severe clinical depression for years, stopped sobbing and crying during the audio clip , with periodic outbursts of deep frustration

"You can record this now: I'm so … angry that I'm ready to die here," she said. "When I'm dead, everything will be done."

  On July 1, 2018, people in Hong Kong demonstrate in a democratic protest and call on China's Liu Xia, the widow of China, to dismiss Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, who has been under house arrest for years.

Several foreign governments have asked Beijing to release Liu Xia, who has never been charged with crimes.

Last week, a group of UN human rights experts said they were "disturbed by reports of Liu Xia's worsening health condition, reported to be physically restricted in an unknown location and suffering from severe mental stress."

"If Ms. Liu is free, as the authorities expect, she should be allowed to peacefully exercise her right to freedom of expression and movement," they said.

The German Foreign Ministry said in May that it had discussed Liu's case with Beijing and "will continue to do so".

"If she decides to come to Germany, Liu Xia would be welcome anytime," the ministry said, according to RTHK.

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