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Wild Clips With the President's Top Donor

 Vince McMahon WWE CEO Vince McMahon | Getty Images

Some might think that the Trump Administration is similar to a WWE event. Donald Trump, Vince McMahon.

McMahon became Trump's top donor when he ran for president , Recent Reports show McMahon's WWE organization gave $ 5 million to the Trump Foundation.

Donald Trump's relationship with WWE goes.

Donald Trump's relationship with WWE goes back 20 years

According to Mother Jones, Trump's association with McMahon and the WWE goes back to 1

998 when Wrestlemania was held in Trump Plaza. Nevertheless, our current president's association with Vince McMahon and the WWE tells you a lot about how he thinks about entertainment and handling people.

] By the 2000s, we were seeing Trump participating in some wild stunts you may remember (or promptly forgot).

2004 stunt

Remember the former wrestler Jesse "The Body" Ventura who became the governor of Minnesota in the 1990s? During Wrestlemania XX in 2004, Ventura went into the ring and called Donald Trump.

What happened then not necessarily outrageous (no, not yet), but some irony about what was to come. At the time, Trump expressed complete support of Ventura, even if he reentered politics. Considering Ventura was a member of the Green Party, it makes you wonder what Trump's real politics were in those days.

During the match, Ventura speculated he might run for president. Little did he know Trump would be President 12 years later.

While Vince McMahon was not a part of this, he set this up for the entertainment value.

The first interaction with Vince McMahon

Three years later, Trump and McMahon interacted somewhat face-to-face in a belligerent stunt typical of the WWE. It happened on Monday Night Raw in 2007 when Trump discusses McMahon on a big screen does not provide what the public wanted.

Soon, McMahon's money is poured down on the crowd. The insinuation that Trump enjoyed giving money to the public, which is easily arguable today. Even so, this started a faux feud between Trump and McMahon.

The feud goes to outrageous heights

A little while later came the notorious confrontation between Trump and McMahon where the former shaved the head of the latter. Trump was already contemplating running for President.

Deemed as "Hair Vs. Hair, "so we saw Trump participate in seemingly real wrestling moves. Steve Austin

Non-fans of WWE were typically appalled at the stunt, even if it helped set up further political ambitions by Trump.

The final public meeting between Trump and McMahon [19659008] In 2013, Trump received a WWE Hall of Fame award from McMahon. Trump hired Linda McMahon as Administrator of the Small Business Administration.

During the ceremony, McMahon mentioned he thought Trump would make a great president. As controversial as McMahon is, it clearly has a bit of natural tea leaves in it.

Now we can only hope the WWE does not become a recurring part of the presidency, though we will not hold our breath. [19659027] if (cs_sd.partner == 'CMfacebook') {
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