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Wild rumors, Archie's baptism and a serious split: how the royals spend their summers

Summer officially starts on Friday, but the scorching heat is already on the royal family.

At least the actual weather is only expected at 66 degrees.

Despite all happy milestones – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle become parents, the celebration of the Queen's 93rd birthday, Prince Philip becomes 98, Duchess Camilla becomes viral with an epic wink – things that are not quite right (or at least not as expected) continue to dominate the headlines.

No wonder Buckingham Palace is a new social media communicator on the market.

Today, there are more moving elements than ever before when it comes to formulating and disseminating the right message ̵

1; and for the British kings, this is a message of optimism, modernity, empathy, foresight, stoicism and ideally the unity.

The Last Piece Is One Lately, it has become more common for royal observers to anticipate an expected formal announcement that Harry and the Royal Foundation of Prince William will no longer be the philanthropic vehicle for both brothers , They founded their organization in 2009 and were first assisted in their efforts by Kate Middleton (19459005) and later by Meghan Markle (19659002). The British Sunday Times Magazine (19459011) expects a split that was first reported a few weeks ago, will be announced Wednesday at a board meeting.

Harry and William have already split their households, with William and Kate remaining at Kensington Palace, and Harry and Meghan moving their offices to Buckingham Palace and Frogmore Cottage in Windsor.

According to Times which included 2.4 million dollars in the recent renovation of Frogmore Cottage (which is located on the 33 acre property of Frogmore), there were more soundproofing measures than $ 60,000 A landing at nearby Heathrow Airport is audible anytime.

  Prince Harry, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle

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Many seasoned royal experts have claimed that there is nothing out of the ordinary about Harry and William being separate ways Especially since Harry now has a family of his own and he and Meghan will have their own charitable priorities and a shared vision on how to do things. [1965900] 2] "I think it would be a lie to say that things were not inconsistent with William and Harry at one point, but calling it a feud, calling it a fall-out, is way too extreme, "said the royal commentator Omid Scobie said on Yahoo UK's The Royal Box earlier this month.

"I think the best thing that could happen to them was being able to work in their own households now, working apart and being able to come together for special family moments and social occasions."

the sons of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana in the foreground and since William, Kate and Harry had already successfully merged into important initiatives, such as the Mental Health Awareness Program Heads Together. The question of why the two couples could not reorganize a few things under one roof remains urgent.

And fascinating things are not lacking explanations.

There is one about Queen Elizabeth II who wants to keep an eye on Harry and Meghan. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have already been denied the prospect of disappearing by themselves, which is why their headquarters has been moved to Grandmother's home, one does not get an independent state of Frogmore, "said a Times source. Last month, the palace insisted that the Duchess of Sussex had no information on the May CBS Special Meghan and Harry Plus One which included interviews with a handful of Meghan's friends.)

Then There's the one who's got bad blood still cooking, because William made reservations to Harry before his little brother Meghan made a suggestion in 2017. Does not sound terribly offensive, but maybe it was sound. ( Although it's not as if he told Harry, "You quit actresses, you do not marry them," as Prince Philip supposedly did.)

According to The Times the fraternal resentment could go back further, until Harry possibly rejected the Middleton family, when Kate and William were serious – which sounds lazy now, because Harry was always known for worshiping Kate, but when he made one-off comments that were made years ago, really pack so much punch for this family, anything is possible.

But with all that Harry and William went through, including the separation of their parents and the loss of their mother, it would not make more sense if they were all busy and wanted to make sure of that others did not make bad decisions?

"Fortunately, the hardships so far were only a matter of course among the brothers," a member of them team told Royals biographer Penny Junor in 2014, when Ha Rry was just a devoted uncle of a nephew, Prince George . "And unlike many other brothers, they can drink a beer together and say, 'Okay, you're doing the conservation, I'm making the veterans.' So it's literally sorted out."

"Jealousy is not a word in Prince Harry's Encyclopedia: He does not get jealous. He is so remarkable.

In addition, the boys can not resist today if kings are under pressure to preserve their heritage as well as embark on new inspiring paths that will make the monarchy relevant to future generations. Lightheartedness affects their long-term plans Learning about the Queen is how to play the long game.

"… I think there is a real danger that they will settle down in five years. I work side by side as young royals and cut many bands through. Shortly thereafter, they'll die of boredom, and I do not think that's in the public interest either, "a friend of Harry told Junor before he actually settled down.

" Of course, one can argue and say something pious that they have so many privileges that they should repay them. Sure, but I would not want her life and no one else I know. "

But at the end of the day, William has the future on his shoulders."

"William has always known he has them to take the lead," said Sir David Manning, former British ambassador to the United States, to Junor. " He must be prepared or prepared for a very clear final state – if not all the time conscious. Harry has the freedom to choose; he can do all sorts of things. "

  Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Royal Baby

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There was a recent report that Harry and Meghan could move to Africa to break away from the US day after day Britain, but also to open up the royal equivalent of a satellite office to expand the charity work that Harry has been doing on the continent for years, years before Harry met Meghan because he may have moved to Africa.

"He will not be in Happy Valley living in Kenya and having a high old time, "said the previously mentioned friend to Junor." His commitment to Sentebale [supporting the mental health of children and young people affected by HIV in Botswana and Lesotha] seems quite serious; I think he really means that, to be his future, or a very large part of it; So, when he combines a charity he cares about a lot and a continent he cares about, he may never really go there, but spend more and more time there … "

Insiders quickly pointed out That there would be no permanent relocation to Africa.

"Britain is their home and the place they want to raise their families," a Sussexes friend told BAZAAR.com 19659002] Recently, ITV reported that Harry and Meghan are planning an official tour of several African countries this October (they will almost certainly bring their son with them.) Taking a royal baby on a trip abroad is a tradition that Diana launched when she insisted on one Bringing 8-month-old William with her and Charles to Australia instead of leaving him for weeks.)

  Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, Meg Hanan Markle, Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth height = "1024

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But before they go Here is christened Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor – always an event that brings together close families. (And if not, there's no need to panic.) The queen missed the great-grandson Prince Louis, who was baptized last year because she was already engaged in the books, and we'll already hear her from Archie.)

Similar to Archie, the official baptismal plans are kept secret, with the exception that they will take place in July. The Daily Express reports that it will take place at St. George's Chapel, where Harry and Meghan got married last year – and where Harry was baptized in 1984.

As a two-month-old Archie christened in the Church of England, he will probably wear the Honiton christening gown, a replica of the eldest child of Queen Victoria of whom 62 royal babies have worn a version including the first cousins ​​of Archie, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Harry and Meghan were at Louis's baptism last July and it would certainly not do any public favor to the family if William and Kate did it. I'm not with Archie – but they're expected to be there.

The foursome were together earlier this month to celebrate the annual Trooping the Color fanfare, which officially marked the Queen's Birthday on May 8, t two days after his birth.

Kate and Meghan were very talkative during the carriage ride from Buckingham Palace to the Horse Guards parade, a source E! When Meghan realized that the sisters-in-law were there, she watched Kate closely to make sure that her own royal protocol-she was leaning at just the right time, etc.-got straight to the point.

also shared the source with last week, when most of Archie's little cousins, including Kate and Williams's children, and Zara and Mike Tindall's daughters MIA and Lena, had a chance to meet him.

Meghan is on maternity leave and although Harry went back to work, he has limited his schedule to engagements that take him away from home for a few hours a day at most so he can spend as much time as possible with his wife and his child.

It was reported that they hired a nanny, but she does not live full-time at Frogmore, and they are told that they are likely to hold back for full-time help for a few more months.

"Family life could not be more perfect for [Harry and Meghan]," said a close friend of the couple to Harper's Bazaar . "Since Archie arrived, they have not stopped smiling, the sleepless nights are absolutely worth it."

Meghan contributed the preface to Mayhew's Annual Report Week, the shelter and the bailout are among her new patrons as a member of the royal family.

"She's a workhorse," a source recently reported People about the Duchess. "She will work through her maternity leave, I only know her and I know that will happen!"

The Sun reported last week that Meghan would also be photographed and served at home As a guest editor for the September issue of British Vogue the palace had no comment on this rumored Engagement.

  Kate Middleton, Queen Maxima

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Kate Middleton In the meantime, he transformed the pavement into the summer of spring and designed a garden for the Chelsea Flower Show. make a cameo appearance in the BBC Children's Show Blue Peter to announce a Sculpture Design Contest; Attending a dinner with Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood for Action on Addiction, a charity she supports; Appear on Monday at the Order of the Guard Service; and to write an open letter for Together for Short Lives' Children's Hospice Week, another patron.

Not everything backwards, but most of it in heels.

Kate and William were also present at the Queen's State Dinner hosted this month for President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump who were well received, but Trump followed suit and said, "Me did not know that she was evil. " when an interviewer informed him that Meghan had stated a few years ago that she was not a fan.

That became a whole affair (to be fair, he really seemed to be referring to the comments she made, not her as a person) and it seemed to agree that Harry kept a distance during a reception, though he and Trump met at some point and the president called the prince "a great guy".

About Meghan he did not do Trump told ITV after the riot, "I think she's very nice Honest I do not know her So I have to be honest – I do not know her She was angry with me And that It's not good for me to be angry, it's not good for me to be angry, and I was not. "

Both with a full job role and with three children at home, William and Kate need a good deal Time alone, and they dived for the Inn on the Lake in Ullswater for tea last two weeks, a short break from a day of engagements in Cumbria.

While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are a relatively dramatic couple as far as two international celebrities are concerned, they have not been spared when it comes to the more brutal headlines that burden the celebrities.

Although they were not seriously addressed, there were some boulevard rumors earlier this year that William was supposedly unfaithful – nothing harmful enough to publicly deny the palace, but enough for the story to go across the pond , The Daily Beast also reported that at least one British release received a legal warning – this type of move is something the young Royals claim to be likely to take as the previous generation, which has been tempted to wait for a scandal.

  Prince Louis, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince William, and Kate Middleton

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"Kate finds the rumors obviously hurtful and hates the idea that her children might one day read online" A friend of the Middleton family recently said Us Weekly . At the same time, history forced her and William to sit back and examine their relationship, and they found that they should have done so more often.

While inspecting the building, they wisely chose to focus on the foundation.

William and Kate, who have been together for over a decade, celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary on April 29th.

"It's not uncommon to have a few hiccups in a marriage, especially after eight years, and Kate and William are no different," another insider said Us . "They are still strong and regardless of their ups and downs, they love each other very much and their children are the most important thing in their lives."

Harry and Meghan are not the only ones hoping to have a quiet summer, aircraft noise aside.

The opening of a post at Buckingham Palace (including daily lunch!) Apparently involves work for Harry and Meghan, as well as the Queen and Prince Philip, as the job description contained a mention of overseas travel that Her Majesty now seems to be letting to younger audiences.

"They will handle requests from the press, editorial website – prepare content as well as administer the media for royal engagements and official events in Switzerland, UK and overseas," was the note. (Funny how "queries" make these cheeky questions sound so much nicer.)

"They will support the official duties of a number of different members of the royal family," continued the statement. "The response to our work is always top notch and your reputation and impact are at the forefront of everything you do."

This could be a job description for the royals themselves.

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