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Will Baby Sussex look more like Prince Harry or Meghan Markle?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry should welcome their first child in just over a month. And the audience can not help but think about every possible detail as Meghan and Harry have barely revealed details about the new baby. The facial features of the couple, from the complexion to the hair color, are very different. Which parent will look more like Baby Sussex? Meghan Markle Prince Harry Meghan Markle Prince Harry Meghan Markle Prince Harry and Prince Harry "/>

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Meghan and Harry are expecting their first child in April [MeghanandHarryannouncedinOctober2018thattheywillwelcometheirfirstchildinthespringof201

Meghan has dark hair and eyes, and Harry's red hair is not very common.

When it comes to appearance, Meghan and Harry have two very different appearances. Meghan has a dark complexion with dark hair and dark eyes. She also has many freckles on her face. Harry, on the other hand, has a fair complexion, light blue eyes, and fiery red hair, which makes the couple's appearance as different as possible. Meghan is biracial and her dark hair and dark eyes are more like her mother than her father's. Harry's mother was blond and Charles is brunette, but Harry had red hair.

Regarding the biology and gene pool, Baby Sussex will probably look more like Meghan

When it comes to the likelihood of baby Sussex Dark brown hair compared to red hair will probably win the brown hair. Dark hair is generally prone to run more dominantly, so the baby is unlikely to step into Harry's redheaded footsteps. The same goes for the eye color. Dark eyes are usually more dominant than light, so the baby most likely has dark hair as well as dark eyes. (In order to make the final statement, however, extensive gene patterns would have to be investigated.) Meghan is half black and half white, and Harry is white, so the baby will be a quarter black; his or her skin tone will probably be darker than Harry's. And based on the general science behind dominant versus recessive genes, the baby will probably think more of Meghan than Harry.

With two parents like Meghan and Harry, the baby will undoubtedly be charming

One thing is clear: this baby will be adorable. Meghan probably has perfect qualities (has anyone ever seen a bad photo of her?), And Harry has a gentle yet masculine appearance that makes anyone faint. Meghan's freckles only add to her looks, while Harry's bright eyes are something everyone can be obsessed with. While not very similar to the look, this couple seems to mate perfectly – and their baby will undoubtedly be the cutest.

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