Alec Baldwin is involved in the upcoming "Joker" film Bruce Wayne's father Thomas, a source who is familiar with casting but is not authorized to speak publicly about tells USA TODAY.

Baldwin, 60, will join Joaquin Phoenix, who will play the titular DC comic villain in the solo project "The Joker", directed and co-written "Hangover" director Todd Phillips. Robert De Niro, "Deadpool 2" breakout star Zazie Beetz and "Glow" actor Marc Maron were cast on October 4, 2019 in the gritty, original story.

The Baldwin casting immediately had an additional effect, being so closely linked to its Emmy-winning satirical performance by President Trump in "Saturday Night Live".

There could well be a Trump connection to the casting. The Hollywood Reporter claims that the "Joker" script depicts "Thomas Wayne as a cheesy and tanned businessman who looks more like a '80s Donald Trump." More: Joaquin Phoenix's Joker lineage is official and fans are upset

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Baldwin could bring his own cheesy tan from "SNL"