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Will Giant Russell Wilson Hunt? Carr? Mariota? Rosen?

Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman made the rounds on Monday and faced [OdelBeckhamJr. Trading and a few other controversial offseason steps.

When he talked extensively to the local radio show presenter and the melting Bleu-Cheese Statuette Mike Francesa he found it hard not to feel bad for the man. Gettleman has a plan that most of us can not see, and he will not reveal it (who would do that?). In the meantime, he has to defend a step that half of the fanbase hoped he would do anyway.

The only interesting thread that should come from his mini-tour was the fact that the Giants are not going to be handcuffed to take a rookie quarterback. Gettleman is legitimately high on the way Eli Manning played at the end of last season and seems in no hurry to break the link with the potential Hall of Famer. Reports also surfaced, suggesting that the giants are not in love with the one rookie. Many assume that they will decide on No. 6 anyway (our Kalyn Kahler is following this rumor here).

All this made me think: what if the plan involves a non-traditional substitute at quarterback? What would that look like?

Not to go too deep into the wormhole, but what if Gettleman foresaw the possibility of grabbing someone in his best years, if he felt Manning was done? It would rationalize some of the instant profits he has completed, not just the prime years of Saquon Barkley . Much would be forgiven (and understood). Who could be available?

Russell Wilson enters the final year of his contract. Even the franchise tag number is relatively affordable in 2020, with some of Giants' cap opening. While it is hard to imagine that Seattle running him (Wilson admitted this during a recent appearance of Late Show [1


Derek Carr is at the rear of wild tempting. Let's say it does not work this year and Jon Gruden wants to switch to a handpicked quarterback while continuing to accumulate draft capital. Carr's family has a long history in the organization and is familiar with the environment. He would be 29, with three incredibly affordable years on his deal, and could look for some more stability after moving to Las Vegas.

Marcus Mariota plays under his fifth option in Nashville and the Titans signed the former First-Rounder Ryan Tannehill who is said to be putting a bit of pressure on him. While Mariota was in the air, the prospect of playing with a workhorse like Barkley might be tempting.

Josh Rosen still resides in this entire design. The Giants have an extra first round for the first round and a middle load bucket load that they could pack together. The Giants did their homework with the UCLA product last year and could decide shortly before the design day that they want to pull the trigger.

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