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Will Lady Gaga continue to appear in movies in the coming years?

Questions about Lady Gaga's musical abilities probably did not come for the first time when she heard someone sing. For those who like to score, at the age of 32 she has already found six Grammys on 24 nominations.

However, this is not the only hardware she has in the trophy case. In 2016, Gaga won a Golden Globe for her acting performance in American Horror Story. While no-one ever met another globe this year for their song "Shallow", Gaga's victory over experienced actresses definitely cast a few eyebrows.

Bradley Cooper was one of the spectators. After starring in Cooper's A Star Is Born (2018), Gaga will hope to receive the highest award in her fallback career: the Academy Award for Best Actress. While Academy voters weigh the merits of their performance against those of Glenn Close, Olivia Colman, and others, we wondered if she had a new drama project in mind.

Gaga's biggest dream was to be an actress.

Lady Gaga in "A star is born" | Warner Bros – MGM

After Lady Gaga won the Critics Choice Awards (together with Close) for Best Actress, Lady Gaga opened her profession. She told reporters behind the scenes that she was almost speechless because it had always been her "biggest dream to be an actor." After sharing the honor with Close shortly before, many would say that this dream came true.

But the fans want to know What's next for Gaga on the big (or small) screen. Although Vogue had not given details, she said she did not seem ambivalent. "I will definitely go on," she said. "I loved playing in American Horror Story as the Countess for Ryan Murphy, and I loved playing A Star Is Born for Bradley Cooper." An impressive career made her pay tribute to her blessings on her projects. "I'm a bit spoiled," she said with reference to Cooper and Murphy. "I have [worked with] some fantastic directors and fantastic visionaries."

What about another movie with Cooper?

  Lady Gaga and director and actor Bradley Cooper arrive for the premiere of the film Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper arrive for the premiere of "A Star." is Born & # 39; Vincenzo Pinto / AFP / Getty Images

The obvious question – whether she and Cooper want to make another film – was dodged after the Critics Choice Awards on Gaga's part. She said that her plans (or not) for now Stay secret "would. However, she acknowledged that they had discussed the possibility.

"We talk about future movies for me, he gives me advice," she told Vogue. Given the nature of the relationship the two entered into during the founding A Star Is Born it certainly seems to be a matter of time before they tackle another project together. "I'll always support him in whatever way he chooses, and I feel the same way about him," Gaga said.

A big question is whether she will find a role that will enable her to ascend (and sing)) as her role in A Star Is Born . But even in her short acting career, it's clear she's versatile enough to get many characters working. We just have to wait until she signs her next film contract.

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