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Will Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle return for Season 9?

  Rick Hoffman, Patrick J. Adams, Meghan Markle, Sarah Rafferty, Gina Torres, and Gabriel Macht von Suits

One could say the popular American TV series suits is the equivalent of the 2010s of the 1980s LA Law except in Manhattan Shows were anchored on television for decades until they ran more or less dry.As Suits began in 2011, it sounded more like the same, just that it was an interesting Twis t and a cast with a unique chemistry.

Two of the performers who did so well were Patrick J Adams and Meghan Markle. The former was played by Mike Ross, the center of most of the plotting lines. The latter is someone you probably know quite well by now (and played Rachel Zane).

Now that both have disappeared from the show, rumors are circulating that they could return for a final ninth season.

Why did Patrick J. Adams leave the show?

One of the main complaints of suits was Adams' Mike Ross character, who to practice as a legal employee without a license. Although Ross of the ABA was allowed to practice later, the chemistry between Adams and his co-star Gina Torres (as Jessica Pearson) had a rare quality.

Similarly it was with Adams and Meghan Markle, whose Rachel Zane later married Adams & # 39; Mike Ross.

When Adams decided to leave the show at the end of season seven, she more or less had a hole in cast chemistry. Regardless, the recurring cast of characters has become so popular and captivating that the show has been flooded with other stories.

You can not blame Adams for wanting to continue. He said he believed that nothing more writers could do to expand the character of Mike Ross. Given that too many great characters stay on TV for too long, it's always better to go early than too late.

We all know why Meghan Markle left "Suits"


In Markle's Original Statement When Leaving Suits, She mentioned that she was proud to work on a show for seven years, but was required to work as a team (with Harry). Her trajectory was similar to actress Grace Kelly's when she married Prince Rainier and became a princess in Monaco for the rest of her life.

We all know that this life can have wild ups and downs. Nevertheless, Kelly never became an actress again, although she was tried by Alfred Hitchcock for his 1964 film Marnie (1964-19007), to become a queen.

In the tradition of kings, who never return to acting, things could be different. There are already reports of Markle and Adams returning in a post-war period for suits .

Will Adams and Markle really return in a 10-episode arc?

Recently was announced. Suits will end with the ninth season, including the production of only 10 episodes. A few years ago, producer Aaron Korsh had planned to produce only 16 episodes in the eighth and then ten episodes in the ninth season.

During a recent deadline interview, Korsh was asked if Adams and Markle might be back last season. There was no promise that they would return, although there are other rumors that they will continue to some extent.

Let Meghan Markle again on & # 39; Suits & # 39; work? to act again for the Duchess of Sussex. The tradition assumes that Markle can not do another job once he becomes a king.

Only Prince Harry could intervene to change that tradition.

As for Adam, he seemed stubborn that he would not return, but it seems logical he had at least returned for a brief appearance.

With so many characters in suits it can still have a satisfying ending when the characters are still on the show. This, together with a soon-to-be-released spinoff ( Pearson ), is not the end anyway.

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