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Will Patriots and Texans Make a Compensation Agreement? – ProFootballTalk

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Theoretically, the Patriots could act with zeal against the Texans to blow up Houston's persecution of Nick Caserio and force the Texans to look for a replacement for Brian Gaine. The Patriots could instead use the League's procedures to force the Texans to pay a harsh penalty for violations of the Tampering Rules, if proven.

Or the Patriots and Texans could just make a deal.

A Source of Knowledge From the momentum and personalities involved in this struggle, it is believed that ultimately a compensation agreement will be reached, whereby the Texans will give the patriot one or two designs and Caserio will become the new GM the Texan. The reason is simple: if Caserio wants to go and has to force her to stay, things could be uncomfortable for the patriots.

And if Caserio wants to leave, it means that his relationship with coach Bill Belichick has essentially been interrupted, and the Caserio prefers not to fix the problem. When in the end the G.M. Job is closer to G.M. Light as true G.M. Status, he really does not go for something more, but for something else. And that something else will be a football operation that is still far from being as successful as the Patriots.

Whether an agreement is swift is dependent on whether the Texans are willing to give the patriots what they want. are ready to take for Caserio. It can take some time for the tampering to drop a bit and New England puts some of his cards on the table. But it should not take long, because the Texans need a G.M. sooner than later.

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