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Will Power the latest Indianapolis 500 Champion for Penske

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) Will Power lost three consecutive championships before deciding that a change was in order.

He knew he had to improve on oval tracks to be considered one of the best in racing.

If there was any doubt How serious Power was with his turnaround, he decided on Sunday for the biggest oval of all.

Power won the Indianapolis 500 to continue to review one of the few empty boxes on its. When he stopped hating ovals, he won the 2014 IndyCar Championship. When he started to value and prioritize the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, he finally figured out how to win "The Biggest Spectacle in Racing."

"You work hard on something, it comes to you, it eventually comes to you, and (Indy) was the last box to tick to be considered a very successful driver," said Power.

Power gave team owner Roger Penske a 1

7th Indy 500 victory in a "May of May" sweep in Indianapolis. Power also won on the road – he is considered a road and street class specialist – two weeks ago and Sunday was his 34th win, with Al Unser Jr. in eighth on IndyCar's all time list.

Power also became the most successful IndyCar driver in Penske's history (31). He is the first Australian winner in 102 races and celebrated just a few hours after his compatriot Daniel Ricciardo's victory in the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix, an extraordinary performance for Down Under drivers on the biggest day of the year in motorsport. 19659002] Power is an emotional and expressive driver, and he's best known for being caught on television when he flashed both midfielders on the IndyCar racing controls. The moment made him an internet sensation. His hoped Indy 500 victory makes him an international star.

"Being the first Australian to win the Indy 500 is something very special," he said. "Maybe they'll recognize me down there now. I do not think many people know who I'm down there.

He is an Indy 500 champion.

And the circle celebration of his victor will not soon be forgotten, for the wide-ranging power could not stop

He shouted to Frau, Liz, took a sip of the traditional milk, then he threw the rest over his head and around his crew.Liz Power grabbed the empty milk bottle and then pointed out to her husband that he had sprinkled milk throughout Indianapolis with Natalie Murdock, who apologized and then started screaming again.

"I felt so bad. When I turned around, she was covered in milk. I did not know she was behind me, "Power said, I said," I'm so sorry. "What could I do? I did not see her behind me."

It was his only wrong move in the race ,

When power prevented Poland's winner Ed Carpenter, 81-year-old Penske pumped his fist in the air and clapped. Penske was voted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame earlier this month, but the power win kept him in Indianapolis and he could not travel to North Carolina to watch his three NASCAR drivers compete in the Coca-Cola 600.

"To be racing on Memorial Day in the biggest sporting event in the world, having America the way it is, I'll take that away from this race," said Penske. "I'm just so excited, 17 victories, now I have to worry about 18. I will not look back, I'll look ahead, we'll have to be back next year."

This year's race was a weird one no clear favorite ever showed up and a new Indy car that had less downforce made it difficult to predict a winner. Penske's four chrevolets were fast and so was Danica Patrick in the final race of her career. That was all that was known until Sunday.

On race day it was 91 degrees, just below the Indy 500 race day record of 92, which was set up in 1937. The conditions made for a smooth, 2-mile track New cars proved to be a handful for the most experienced riders. Helio Castroneves, Tony Kanaan, Sebastien Bourdais and Patrick were among those who crashed into single-car spins. Defender Takuma Sato was also knocked unconscious as he ran into a slower car. Power led 59 laps, but his last pit stop dropped him back to fourth, behind three cars trying to win gas. Kanaan's fall with 12 remaining laps brought a final restart with Oriol Servia from the top. Servia did not get a great start and was overtaken by Stefan Wilson and Jack Harvey. But all three were playing, they had enough petrol to finish, and it was Power that hurried them.

Wilson and Harvey both stooped into the pit lane and gave Power the lead four laps before the end. He knew he had won when he took the white flag all by himself and spent the last lap with joy as he drove off the field.

"I've won so many races and poles, more laps than anyone else, I just did not do it here," he said. "I think,` Will I finish my career without a 500cc win? & # 39; I would now be racing at the elbow every week because I'm just so experienced that I really enjoy it, got pretty good at it I have the feeling that every time I go to an oval, I have a chance to win.

"That definitely was not the feeling at the beginning of my career. I would always think, "Oh, it'll fuck." I never thought that I could win. Now I know every oval I go to, like a street course, I have a great chance to win. That's the attitude you have to have.

Carpenter finished second in another Chevy and noticed how much power the Speedway hated.

"I remember how he complained to the scanner and I did not really like him much in 2008 because of this Place hated, "said Carpenter, who grew up nearby." Will and I somehow became friends. You can now ask him how his favorite part of the timeline are the ovals. It's bizarre, but we have been connected since I was an oval. He likes to think of himself as an oval. He definitely has a chance on me now.

Scott Dixon extended his fuel to finish third, followed by Alexander Rossi who rode from 32nd to fourth place and did some of the most spectacular moves in the race.

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