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Will Princess Beatrice marry soon and without the consent of the Queen?

Everywhere we go, we keep hearing the latest news about kings like Prince William and Kate, and Prince Harry and Meghan.

Royal fans pursue their lives as closely as possible, keeping track of everything they do. Princess Beatrice, the cousin of William and Harry, is one of the quieter members of the royal family.

Although she is very close to her grandmother Queen Elizabeth, Beatrice is not nearly as present in the news as the others. She lives a more restrained life and although she can use the title "Her Royal Highness", Good Housekeeping reports that Beatrice does not regularly attend events and engagements and even holds a job in the business world.

Many people are aware that Princess Beatrice has been with her friend Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi for some time and that things have become serious. We had more than a royal wedding in 201

8, when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle broke the knot, and again when we saw Beatrice's younger sister, Princess Eugenie, marry in the same band in Windsor, England, Jack Brooksbank. Will Princess Beatrice marry soon and without the consent of the Queen?

  Princess Beatrice
Princess Beatrice of York | Steve Parsons – WPA Pool / Getty Images

Who is Beatrice's friend?

According to Town & Country, they appeared together for the first time when attending the 2019 National Portrait Gala. Although they are dating recently, they have known each other for a while, as Edoardo is a family friend.

The friend of the princess is certainly busy, since he is the founder and CEO of a successful real estate company. In addition, Edoardo is even co-founder of the charity Cricket Builds Hope, which was inspired by his late stepfather Christopher Shale in 2011.

Sounds like Edoardo is a great man When he and Beatrice marry, she becomes the stepmother of his little son Wolfie. It also seems that Beatrice's parents, Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew, are also quite close to Edoardo. He has spent time with the family, and everyone gets along wonderfully.

Does Beatrice need the Queen's permission to marry?

Royal fans can certainly remember the time when Prince William was married to Kate Middleton, and as he needed Queen Elizabeth's permission to do so. The same happened when Prince married Harry and Meghan Markle, with Grazia reporting that the reason was in the Royal Marriages Act, which states that direct descendants of the Queen must obtain her permission before marrying.

As the queen's granddaughter, many people wonder why Beatrice does not need permission before marrying. This is because the Law on Royal Marriages in 2011 merely required that only the first six descendants of the throne need their Majesty's permission. As ninth on the throne, the action is not for Princess Beatrice.

Will Beatrice and Edoardo marry soon?

Many people are probably wondering if another royal wedding is not too far away! According to The Sun, an engagement could come pretty soon. The couple are very happy with each other and although they have not been together for a long time, their love is definitely real.

Even Beatrice's friends discuss the possibility of engagement in the near future. You can see how in love Beatrice and Edoardo are, and they know that the two just fit together perfectly. It's wonderful to see Princess Beatrice so happy and with someone she's in touch with. In the face of wild engagement rumors, we hope for another royal wedding.

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